New research:
What do students
want from their
university experience?


In 2019, TechnologyOne conducted a study with 1,000 current Australian undergraduate and postgraduate students about what they want out of their university experience.

The research revealed that students expect a fully optimised education experience, from enrolment to study, that is completely digitised.

The survey says...

More than half

would switch or consider switching university for better uses of technology and levels of innovation

1 out of 4

students believe the use of technology in their course to be innovative and progressive


of students who experienced challenges with enrolment considered their university’s use of technology innovation to be uninspired or outdated and ineffective

9 out of 10

students want a consistent student experience across all touchpoint

More than half

prefer a blended learning experience of both face-to-face and online delivery


of students said it was important to extremely important that they be able to manage enrolment and administrative experience online

9 out of 10

students consider the ability to access course resources and materials from anywhere, at any time, from any device to be extremely important to important

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