Burdekin Shire Council

The Council has seen a marked improvement in information recording and delivery to customers

Case study highlights

  • Ability to track progress of all customer requests
  • Faster turnaround times on services and billing
  • Seamless integration with other systems


As part of its commitment to providing citizens with superior local services, Burdekin Shire Council found the legacy software system installed years earlier, was making it difficult to fulfil its strategic objectives. No longer technically supported, future upgrades had ceased and inadequacies in the system’s functionality meant that Council was failing to provide information and services in a timely manner.

Other user-defined systems developed within the Council, along with off the shelf solutions, including asset management software were also deemed at the end of their life because of their limited integration with other Council systems.


The Council had been successfully using TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM) since 1997 and Property & Rating and Financials solutions since 2004. It felt that the addition of the Customer Request Module would further optimise Council process as it had in operation a number of disparate systems to achieve its customer service aims.

Within the next 12 months Council also intends to fully integrate TechnologyOne’s ECM with the Property & Rating solution.

The Outcome

The Council believes its investment in TechnologyOne solutions has delivered multiple benefits. TechnologyOne’s customer support, modern user interface and flexibility have provided the Council with a complete solution that will grow and evolve with their needs. The ability to view and utilise integrated information means faster turnaround times on services and billing.

IT Manager
Burdekin Shire Council

Local government is no longer just about roads and rubbish; it has become a complex and versatile business offering many services to the community.


Burdekin Shire Council has seen a marked improvement in information recording and delivery to customers since the implementation of TechnologyOne solutions and is now moving towards integrating all customer interactions with the Council.

Mr Battista Covolo, IT Manager at Burdekin Shire Council says, “Local government is no longer just about roads and rubbish; it has become a complex and versatile business offering many services to the community and facing constant changes imposed by both state and federal governments, not to mention the community’s expectations. In order to fulfil all of these different needs, Burdekin Shire Council required a versatile flexible system that will continue to evolve as the Council does. TechnologyOne has this ability. The service delivered to the Burdekin Shire by the TechnologyOne consultants was nothing short of excellent, they are truly focused on providing excellent customer service.”


As part of Burdekin Shire Council’s ongoing development of its strategic management plan, the Council requested for TechnologyOne to implement and provide training for the Customer Request module of TechnologyOne’s Property & Rating solution.

The Customer Request module presented key features and benefits required by the Council including; document generation, event workflow to record core decisions throughout the lifecycle of each request and clocks to calculate completion targets and determine completion.

The Customer Request module links requests to financial accounts, such as boat ramps or main roads and this is where integration with Council’s existing TechnologyOne Property & Rating and TechnologyOne ECM solutions presented real benefits.

Since implementation, the Customer Request system tracks the progress of all customer requests provides up to date information to customers and staff.

For example, if a customer requests information about plumbing or water services, the Customer Service Centre can now deliver instant online information thereby improving business processes for the Council. The implementation of TechnologyOne’s Customer Request Module went seamlessly, integrating with Burdekin Shire’s existing TechnologyOne Property & Rating solution.

Burdekin Shire Council required the new solution to provide comprehensive audit/history trails as well as user-defined audit trail reports. This would enable Burdekin Shire Council to meet the statutory audit requirements of local authorities. The successful tender was required to provide a full rollback feature for transaction and processing whilst also providing updates in the event of any system malfunction or disruption.

TechnologyOne Property & Rating went live in 2004 and integrated with the Council’s geographical information system and simultaneously integrated new application modules across the organisation, modules for rates, water billing, animals and debtors were also converted.

In July 2005 TechnologyOne Financials was implemented giving enterprise wide control and integration of financial information to deliver improved strategic decision making processes. The one integrated solution has delivered a reduction of data entry and improved paper trails and this has enabled the Council to improve access to information and streamline business processes.

By utilising TechnologyOne Property & Rating functionality, the Council can focus on maximising customer satisfaction, providing timely and relevant information to customers. The Rules Module enables Council to easily define a building and application system, tailored to its exact requirements, efficiently processing building and development applications.

About Burdekin Shire Council

The Shire of Burdekin is situated in Northern Queensland between Townsville in the North, Dalrymple in the West and Bowen in the South. Spread over approximately 5,053 square kilometres with an estimated population of 18,500 and more than 8500 rateable properties.

Burdekin Shire Councilwebsite

Publish date

30 Aug 2017

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