Streamline your experience with DXP Meetings

Redefine the experience of creating meetings, agendas and submissions with our industry-leading portal

Focus on what matters

DXP Meetings allows you to focus on what really matters: getting the job done. Empower your people to create, manage and control meetings within a simple interface. Using our powerful enterprise reporting tool, you can gain valuable insights by searching and exporting resolution results.

Work smarter, not harder

Drastically reduce administration time and ensure a seamless meeting experience for all, using our powerful templates and workflows. Meeting organisers have control over attendees, meeting agendas and submissions, with the ability to track everything from decisions to actions.

Have confidence in your processes

Every organisation is different, but compliance is a common challenge for everyone. Demonstrate transparency and have full visibility and traceability of actions and decisions.

Extend the capabilities further by integrating with our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Easily capture, store and manage agenda, submissions and minutes from a centralised location that links directly to your meeting.

See DXP Meetings in action

DXP Meetings capabilities

Redefine the way your organisation conducts meetings, allowing anyone in your organisation to set up, run and report on meetings from any device, anywhere, at any time. Take advantage of powerful features including submissions, notifications and actions, for a modern meeting experience.
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    Meetings & Agendas

    Gain back time with the ability to create, manage and run meetings based on standard templates and workflows. With simple agenda, distribution and publishing capabilities, our solution allows you to stay focused on what really matters.
  • Submissions

    Set yourself up for success by knowing where your meeting submissions are at any given time. With workflow reviews and approval channels, you can create, manage and provide updates on submissions using powerful templates and workflows ensuring consistency and compliance.
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    Ensure no information is lost and your minutes accurately reflect all actions recorded in meetings. Directly create minutes online and use workflows to facilitate the approval of minutes in a traceable, repeatable fashion.


  • What is DXP?

    DXP is a frictionless mobile app experience which harnesses new technologies and leverages the power of enterprise software. DXP allows users to experience the full benefits of TechnologyOne’s innovation and enhances the Ci Anywhere experience.

  • What can my organisation use DXP for?

    Seamlessly capture business expenses on the go, streamline meeting agendas and submissions, quickly access reports and dashboards, and view and action tasks in real time – all within the DXP app.

  • What types of meetings can I use DXP Meetings for?

    You can manage any meeting in DXP.  It caters for formal meetings that include Agendas, Submissions and Minutes, as well as meetings that just have agenda and minutes.  You can use the features that are relevant to you.

  • How do my users interact with DXP meetings?

    You can download the DXP app from your app store or you can launch it from Ci Anywhere.

  • How is DXP Meetings licensed?

    DXP Meetings has two levels of licensing.  One for the Meeting Organiser and Meeting Owner. The second level is the Submission writer and Meeting Member.

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