The Exec Files

Local Government leaders share their insights on digital transformation

Episode 1

Michael Stretton, General Manager, City of Launceston

City of Launceston is proof that Smart Cities start with smart foundations. Tasmania’s largest local government implemented an integrated enterprise solution to digitally transform operations over time. General Manager Michael Stretton discusses how Launceston’s approach to innovation and digital transformation is helping the city to realise its Smart City ambitions.

Episode 2

Justin Lynch, CEO, City of Holdfast Bay

The City of Holdfast Bay has gone through a significant digital transformation in a bid to become a city that thinks smarter. CEO Justin Lynch discusses how switching to an integrated ERP SaaS solution is paving the way for a smarter future.

Episode 4

Paul Deb, CEO, City of Burnside

Delivering more for less is a simple problem, but in local government it can be hard to deliver, given the vast array of services the sector provides. City of Burnside CEO Paul Deb discusses why digital innovation is key to unlocking long-term benefits and delivering better services to the community.

Episode 5

Brett de Chastel, CEO, Noosa Shire Council

Noosa Shire Council has saved millions in in-house IT costs and established itself as an up- and-coming technology hub by investing in a cloud-based enterprise software solution. CEO Brett de Chastel discusses how a customer centric approach has been key to delivering his digital transformation ambitions, changing the way his council operates.