Month of May

Responsive, mobile first framework

In keeping with the, cloud and mobile first ethos, the latest framework was implemented across both the intranet and internet site. As pages are updated, these will be migrated onto this newer framework.

About Us shown on laptop (1440px x 910px), iPad (769px x 1024px) and iPhone 6 (375px x 677px)

About Us - Macbook Pro

About Us - iPad About Us - iPhone

Speed Optimizations

As a part of the relaunching of several landing pages, pages have been migrated and recoded for a newer framework. This resulted in a ping time from Sweden showing a shaving of a hefty average of 22% in page load times for those migrated pages. There is many more techniques currently unused to optimize the site even further.

Examples of speed optimized pages:

Customer Community

User Groups

Customer Community

Content Editing

Previously an arduous task of authenticating to the backend, navigating through a maze of pages, folders, images, documents is now a thing of the past. Work has begun to allow product owners, and content editors to edit content inline on the page and in real time. All formatting and styling is pre determined and no source code is exposed to ensure no rogue content, styles etc can be added. This also ensures content will no longer be stale due to the complexity of editing content.

A video demonstrating inline content editing can be viewed on vimeo.

No coding skills, no tech requirements to build:

User Groups

Regular Video Uploads

R&D Showcase, Town Hall, Hack Day, Marvels videos all previously required a developer and 30-60 minutes to upload and add to the respective library. A tool which implements the latest Vimeo API, now allows anyone with appropriate permissions to add the Vimeo ID and have this automatically generate all video details, and more importantly automatically adds the video to the library. The entire process is now under 1 minute.

The following screen shows the result of an ID added and generating the appropriate template within seconds.

R&D Video Uploader

Landing Pages

Major landing pages such as About Us, Local Government, Education, Foundation, etc, were previously launched, and now the remaining Financial Services, Corporate, Asset Intensive Industries, Project Intensive Industries, etc have been migrated to the 2nd gen framework. Product owners have been notified to supply/confirm a new banner + slogan. These can be made live now or after the new banners + slogan have been chosen. From here one step further can be taken to migrate to the 3rd gen framework making these pages even faster on page load.

Device Testing

With automated unit testing still to be implemented, an internal device testing tool has been created to allow viewing of newly created (or old) pages to be viewed on desktop, tablet and phone.

Device Testing


A banner has been created and appears on the domain only. Once a user accepts via a one click button, they will no longer see the banner for 90 days.

GDPR Cookie Banner


Accessibility tags and markup for key elements such as our main navigation and in the future all content has begun. With all the talk about GDPR and compliance, the Accessbility Act has somewhat been forgotten.

Page Specific - About Us

New design elements have been added

A flipbook modal has been implemented for, "A Vision Splendid"

Awaiting final copy to add. This may break the current design, however there is concepts to how to display extra information

Awaiting another PDF to add to this page

A Vision Splendid - Modal

Page Specific - 30 Year Timeline

Awaiting two last images to be added

Text to be added

Page Specific - Shareholders

The TNE annoucements feed from the ASX has been added

This feed features pagination, sorting, and all relevant details

All PDF's are served from the technologyonecorp domain

The submenu was rewritten and now stacks appropriately in all range of devices

An external agency previously hired to start and complete this ASX feed, was no longer needed

Shareholders with TNE from ASX


Ci Anywhere added to the main navigation

Foundation 500k graphic has grey background

Manually removed users who have left the organization

Future Plans - Part 1

  • Compression of static data served via a CDN
  • DDos Protection
  • Automatically deletion of users who have left
  • Correction of permissions and administration access throughout both sites. Currently there is a blanket access some users which could cause issues later. This also allows a fine grain tune of access to specific areas, and what content, or content editing features are available. For example, admins of Education will not be able to edit content from Local Government.
  • Roll out of an true inline editor, rich with features

Future Plans - Part 2

  • Dynamically generated pages will force content editors to improve on their current naming conventions and improve SEO in the process. For example a search of the term, "Events", displays a list of Events for every section without context.
  • Search Engine Results - Whilst tweaking of metadata can be done to improve our search results, two Search engines are being tested to complete this process. Funnelback was acquired by Squiz several years ago and is apart of the Matrix Suite. Swiftype are also being trialed. The following two screen shots show our current search results compared to Swifttype.

Current search results for, "Local Government"

Search Results - Current

Proposed search results for, "Local Government"

Search Results - Proposed