Local Government
Shared Services

Do more with less.

UK councils, particularly those smaller in size, are increasingly looking towards shared services models as a cost-effective alternative for replacing their legacy software.

What first started as a flow-on effect from austerity measures is now viewed as an innovative IT transformation exercise for Local Governments seeking to do more with less.

Experience the
OneCouncil effect

Our OneCouncil solution delivers a seamless and engaging shared service experience for Local Government. Whether you’re in council management, administration, a field worker or a customer, you can connect through one integrated solution that’s accessible anywhere, any time and on any device.

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Celebrating a decade of shared service success

Discover the key to shared service success from some of the UK’s leading councils.

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The shared services boom

Is austerity really over? Even if it is, that doesn't mark the end of shared services for local government. Discover why.