With two major software releases a year we focus on customer evolution

Ci Anywhere is a flexible and intuitive Software as a Service solution that will future proof your business.

We are passionate about making powerful technology more accessible, more intuitive and ultimately more practical for everyday users. TechnologyOne Ci Anywhere represents an evolutionary path for our customers. It’s built on beautiful design, and can be used by any business consumer, anywhere and at any time.

And Ci Anywhere isn’t just good looking software. It’s the latest advancement of our Ci platform, which provides the core functionality, security and consistent user interface for our products. Ci Anywhere is more powerful and simpler to use. It runs side-by-side with existing Ci installations, allowing our customers to embrace the cloud and smart mobile devices.

Best of all, this synergy with Ci makes it easy for existing TechnologyOne customers to pilot and rollout Ci Anywhere. No drawn-out re-implementations or rocky upgrade paths. It’s now easier than ever to keep at the forefront of technology.

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Our latest software release delivers more than 265 enhancements to streamline processes and optimise the user experience for your team and customers.

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