Wodonga TAFE builds ‘Foundation for future’ by moving off campus

New 5-year agreement with TechnologyOne sees key IT systems moved to SaaS.

MELBOURNE, 19 November 2020 – Wodonga TAFE will derive benefits from the upgrade of key information technology systems to a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform from leading Australian enterprise software provider TechnologyOne.

Wodonga TAFE, a TechnologyOne customer for more than 10 years, has signed a new 5-year agreement which will future-proof critical IT systems, moving them off campus and on to SaaS.

“Wodonga is more than just a place where people study or work, we’re a major part of the local community. We’re also one of the region’s largest employers and anything that helps improve our TAFE has flow-on benefits within the community we serve,” said Wodonga TAFE CEO, Phil Paterson.

“Our student management system, designed to simplify the way students interact with their TAFE, has become the main point of contact for our students.  We wanted to future-proof this essential service and make sure we are maximising features and keeping cyber security front of mind.

“Moving our Student Management, HR and Finance systems from on-premise to SaaS is about laying the groundwork for how we best utilise our Enterprise Systems.

Ed Chung, CEO of TechnologyOne, said continually improving the student experience has been a focus for leading tertiary education providers in recent years, with 2020 shining a spotlight on the importance of a strong student management system brighter than ever.

“We’ve been involved in the education sector for many years. Over that time we’ve invested, and continue to invest, a considerable percentage of our revenue into R&D and a sizeable proportion of that on enhancing our student management solution because we understand how important it is to our customers.

“Leaders in the sector, like the team at Wodonga TAFE, see the role that technology can play in improving student experience and delivering better outcomes for students. It can also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative functions and better attract staff.

“SaaS technologies in particular have played a critical role in allowing TAFEs to continue to help Australians pursue their education and develop their skills – particularly over the last few months. As an Australian company ourselves, this is really important to us,” Mr Chung said.

The upgrade to TechnologyOne’s SaaS solution is expected to be completed early 2021.

TechnologyOne’s OneEducation solution is used by more than 60 per cent of the vocational education and training and higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand and supports the study of more than 1.4 million students.

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Publish date

19 Nov 2020


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