University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne uses Student Management software to manage the entire student recruitment and admissions process.

Case study highlights

  • Saved time by removing paper applications
  • Centralised source of applicant information
  • Track the progress of applications


Over the past decade, the University of Melbourne’s international reputation has steadily grown, and it’s now ranked as one of the best educational institutions in the world, drawing students from across the globe. The university now has around 55,000 students.

As the university’s stature has increased, so have application numbers, growing by 25 per cent over three years – and the admissions team found itself struggling to handle them all efficiently.

“We always want to find the best students, and not just those who are first to apply,” says Ms Samantha Winter, Director of Academic Administration at the University of Melbourne. “That means we have to process every application carefully – and that takes time.”


To deal with a corresponding increase in the number of applications the university receives each year, the admissions team implemented TechnologyOne Student Management, which has allowed students to apply via an easy, intuitive and user-friendly web portal.

This means students can apply for scholarships and courses online, and are only required to provide relevant information once. They can then track the progress of their application through the review and result stages. Employees now have access to a centralised source of applicant information and no longer need to deal with thousands of paper applications.

Director of Academic Administration
University of Melbourne

Working with TechnologyOne has been fantastic, because we can trust them to provide all the support we need to deliver a truly world-class student experience.

Client's perspective

The University of Melbourne’s antiquated application processes weren’t just cumbersome for university administrators. Prospective students had to fill out one application for each course they wished to enrol in. That meant repeatedly submitting their academic transcripts, personal details and other important information.

“We wanted to make it possible for would-be students to apply for scholarships and courses on one page without having to repeat themselves,” says Ms Winter. She also hoped that an online portal would cut the amount of paper generated by the application process.

The University of Melbourne approached TechnologyOne with the goal of finding a solution that would streamline the applications process, reducing inconvenience for prospective students and improving efficiency within the admissions team.

Designed for educational institutions of any size, TechnologyOne Student Management is an academic administration solution that allows users to improve student recruitment, engage and monitor existing students, and provide staff, students and alumni with fast and easy self‑service tools.

The University of Melbourne now uses TechnologyOne Student Management software to connect with students and manage the entire student recruitment and admission process. Deploying Student Management has made it easier for students to apply to the university, and by the time applications closed for semester one, 2016, the university had received more than 40,000 submissions – up 50 per cent from the same time the previous year.

The University of Melbourne also became an early adopter of TechnologyOne’s Ci Anywhere platform. Ci Anywhere is highly scalable and operates on any device, anywhere, at any time. The university is now using Ci Anywhere to simplify academic administration processes via an intuitive and mobile-ready interface.


The university’s credits its strong partnership with TechnologyOne in helping to deliver its students with the superior application process they should expect from a world-class university.

“From the outset, I was impressed by how well TechnologyOne not only understood our challenges, but also their willingness to listen and ongoing responsiveness,” says Ms Winter. “Better still, they were willing to commit to an ongoing partnership that would focus entirely on ensuring that we achieved our administrative goals.

“The implementation process was straightforward and has made things significantly easier for students,” says Ms Winter.

“We have a great relationship with the TechnologyOne team, and we’re already saving time from not having to sift through paper applications.

“Working with TechnologyOne has been fantastic, because we can trust them to provide all the support we need to deliver a truly world-class student experience.

“I’m confident that we’ve laid the foundation to future-proof the university and make the application process a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both staff and students.”

About University of Melbourne

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second-oldest and top-ranked university, with more than 55,000 students at any time and an annual endowment of almost AUD$2 billion. Its main campus is a 36 hectare sandstone development north of the Melbourne CBD, but the university also has several campuses in other parts of Victoria. Unlike other universities in Australia, the University of Melbourne offers only nine generalised undergraduate degrees in arts, agriculture, biomedicine, commerce, design, fine arts, music, oral health and science. Students wishing to specialise subsequently complete one of the university’s prestigious postgraduate degrees.

University of Melbourne website

Publish date

12 Jul 2016

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