Mid-Western Regional Council

Application Managed Serviced (AMS) frees up resources and minimises downtime

Case study highlights

  • Optimised business processes
  • Freed up resources to focus on core operations
  • Skill sets now available to achieve new goals


The Mid-Western Regional Council delivers services to approximately 25,000 people across four towns and 8,737 square kilometres of New South Wales. Since amalgamating in May 2004, the Council’s small team of employees found its resources were stretched to the limit with new responsibilities across a large area.

Prior to engaging TechnologyOne, the Council struggled to find staff who had the specialist skills to manage their software effectively.

“We’re a small team and we don’t have a lot of specialist positions,” said the Council’s Manager of Information and Communications Technology, Matthew Willcocks.


Since engaging AMS, the Council has been able to resolve issues quickly, refocus its attention on core business operations and continue to optimise business processes based on the latest product developments.

“With AMS, we’re confident our requests will be resolved by someone who knows exactly what’s going on. While we cannot afford to employ a TechnologyOne specialist full time, we’re now in the fortunate position of being able to rely on specialist knowledge when we need it,” said Mr Willcocks.

“We’ve got our workforce back at work, as opposed to them waiting for our IT team to update systems. AMS is a major time saver for us.”


Engaging TechnologyOne’s Application Managed Services (AMS) has enabled the Council to harness the full value of its investment in TechnologyOne’s enterprise software solution, freeing up time and resources while a dedicated specialist team administers, maintains and optimises the solution.

“AMS allows us to focus on hiring for generalist roles that can provide a broad level of support to our organisation, and rely on the specialist skills from AMS when we need them.”

Manager Information and Communications Technology
Mid-Western Regional Council

AMS has enabled us to not only optimise our investment in OneCouncil, but get the most out of all our systems. Our staff don’t have to worry about managing support for TechnologyOne’s solution and can focus on core business operations.


The Mid-Western Regional Council has been in partnership with TechnologyOne for 16 years, using TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil enterprise solution.

TechnologyOne’s enterprise solution has enabled the Council to increase mobility and automation, speed up business processes and enhance customer service. However, with a comprehensive enterprise solution like OneCouncil and additional systems such as Microsoft Suite, the Council struggled to optimise its investments, with limited staff and skill sets available.

“We were struggling to manage day-to-day operations such as adjusting people’s settings, changing formatting, and managing updates. We were finding it very difficult to support our software investments with our existing skill sets,” said Mr Willcocks.

“AMS has allowed us to look after TechnologyOne’s solution how it should be looked after and manage our general IT systems in-house. We’ve now got the best of both worlds.

“By having AMS, we’ve been able to focus our internal resources on other key business areas without sacrificing improvements and optimisations to our TechnologyOne investment.”


AMS guarantees increased access to product and industry expertise, and increased speed of service delivery. The Mid-Western Regional Council has a dedicated Service Delivery Manager, who streamlines services, supports touch-points within TechnologyOne and proactively works with the Council to determine their service needs.

AMS has enabled the Council to save time, increase productivity and become more proactive in the space of business transformation and process enhancement.

“We’re very happy. AMS has enabled us to not only optimise our investment in OneCouncil, but get the most out of all our systems. Our staff don’t have to worry about managing support for TechnologyOne’s solution and can focus on core business operations,” said Mr Willcocks.

“Whenever we contact AMS, the staff are always lovely to speak to. They’re always helpful and our issues get resolved quickly, which is very important for us.”

Engaging AMS has been part of a strategic plan the Council has in place to transform business operations and improve customer service through e-services and mobility.

“Because we cover a large regional area with towns over half an hour’s drive away, we are working to provide regional customers the same level of service by using e-services,” said Mr Willcocks.

“We want customers to be able to interact with us in our systems as if they were standing at our front counter.

“We are learning to work smarter, not harder. Without AMS, we wouldn’t have the skill sets available to proactively work towards these goals.”

About Mid-Western Regional Council

Proclaimed in May 2004, the Mid-Western Regional Council administers to a populace of around 26,000 across four towns and 8,737 square kilometres of New South Wales.

Mid-Western Regional Council website

Publish date

13 Aug 2015

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