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Managers receive improved reporting on an integrated platform

Case study highlights

  • Improved data
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Reduced bottlenecks and improved reporting


MainPower New Zealand Limited was seeking a holistic asset management system that would enable it to improve operational asset management and data quality. The company also wanted to consolidate its multiple asset databases into a single repository for all asset information.

"We had a lot of missing, repetitive or inaccurate asset data due to disparate systems and limited formalised collection processes across many systems. The integration between Assets, Finance and GIS has assisted in remediating this issue," said Engineering Manager Peter Hurford.

MainPower also required an asset management system that would integrate with GIS, as the two systems would be used to manage the company's day-to-day business operations.


MainPower purchased TechnologyOne's enterprise solution including Asset Management, Financials, Human Resource & Payroll, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence and Performance Planning. TechnologyOne's software now provides MainPower with an integrated enterprise solution built on a single modern platform with a consistent look and feel.

"Once we began investigating Asset Management solutions we quickly identified the benefits of a complete integrated solution across key business areas, such as finance, assets and supply chain," Mr Hurford said.


MainPower experienced significant growth following the 2011 Canterbury earthquake, with many residents relocating from Christchurch to MainPower's key regions of North Canterbury and Kaikoura. TechnologyOne's scalable solution supported this rapid increase in operations.

"With greater access to more detailed and timely information, we have greatly improved reporting and reduced bottlenecks," Mr Hurford said.

Engineering Manager
MainPower New Zealand

After consolidating our legacy systems into TechnologyOne, we now have more streamlined and efficient business processes.


MainPower New Zealand Limited distributes electricity to approximately 37,000 customers throughout the North Canterbury and Kaikoura regions. With more than 134,000 network assets, MainPower was seeking a holistic asset management system that would provide it with a single view of all asset data.

By implementing Asset Management as part of an enterprise system, MainPower has benefited from improved reporting capabilities and data integrity.

"TechnologyOne addressed MainPower's core need for integration to a large degree," said Engineering Manager Peter Hurford.

"After consolidating our legacy systems into TechnologyOne, we now have more streamlined and efficient business processes, due to a reduction in double handling data.

"TechnologyOne is more demanding than our legacy systems when it comes to data collection, however the resulting benefit is vastly improved data integrity and greater detail.

"There has been increased transparency and visibility across our organisation with greater access to more detailed and timely information surrounding our Assets, Works and Projects."

Mr Hurford said consolidation of Asset and Finance information into the one system has been the greatest benefit, and has provided more detailed and timely information.


MainPower implemented TechnologyOne's enterprise software just months after it restructured its business to merge the contracting and retail operations into a single entity.

"The way we managed the relationship between works and assets was very manual," Mr Hurford said. "Because our data was all over the place, we also had no quick and easy way to obtain information for analysis or reporting, which was causing major bottlenecks.

"Introducing TechnologyOne gave us a central repository for most of our information. It also allowed us to improve business processes, so updating assets is more timely."

MainPower also experienced unforeseen significant growth following the 2011 Canterbury earthquake, with many residents relocating to MainPower's key regions.

In 2013, MainPower recorded 1440 new connections with $19.8 million annual spend on its network assets, including $14.6M of capital work. This is up significantly from 500 new connections, with $16M annual spend on its network, including $12M of capital work in 2010.

"We certainly have had exponential growth within the region, primarily due to the earthquake which prompted people to move out to our areas. There were already some subdivisions that had been established, but this activity really ramped up post-earthquake," Mr Hurford said.

About MainPower New Zealand Limited

MainPower New Zealand Limited is a well-established, community owned company which has been distributing electricity throughout the North Canterbury and Kaikoura regions in New Zealand for close to 100 years.

MainPower supplies line services to approximately 37,000 customers, with a key focus on ensuring a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity into homes, businesses and facilities across its region.

MainPower New Zealand Limited website

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09 Feb 2015

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