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OneGovernment allows users to track costs against budget and improve data accuracy and reporting

Case study highlights

  • Automated order-to-pay and online procurement
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Accurate reporting from one source of truth


The department’s crucial functions were being hampered by a Financial Management Information System (FMIS) that was more than a decade old, making data entry and reporting difficult and time-consuming. Manual updates were required to ensure that the separate budgeting system and the FMIS were in sync. FMIS reporting was difficult and time consuming needing careful checking for any human error leaving the finance team with insufficient time to conduct any sort of analysis.


LINZ needed better reporting for the organisation at a number of levels, from senior leadership down to cost centre and budget managers, integration with its other business systems and automated, online processes.

It wanted to improve performance metrics so senior management could gain a better strategic view of the whole organisation, and give budget managers access to financial information from their desktops including scanned invoices so they could perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

To find a replacement for the existing FMIS, LINZ embarked on a robust selection and tender process.


The department eventually decided to implement TechnologyOne’s preconfigured OneGovernment solution, which meets its FMIS requirements through its proven flexibility, ease of use and reporting capability.

The OneGovernment solution enables LINZ’s 135 financial users to approve expenditure prior to it being spent, easily track how their cost centre is performing against budget, and confidently report from a single version of the financial truth.

Principal Financial Advisor
Land Information New Zealand

The chart enables us to slice and dice the GL in a way that would enable us to report to the various sectors of the business as required.


LINZ had a number of objectives when undertaking an overhaul of its financial systems. First off, the department wanted increased functionality, both within the FMIS and budgeting, forecasting and reporting (BFR) applications as well as improved automation within the Accounts Payable and Receivable areas.

LINZ needed an intuitive BFR tool to enable budget managers to perform their budgeting and forecasting requirements.

Another important point was integration. LINZ had a number of systems that needed to integrate with the new FMIS, such as Landonline for the processing of all of New Zealand’s survey and title transactions and the Crown Financial Information System (CFIS).

LINZ also wanted to access an automated order-to-pay process and online procurement, workflow for support of delegated financial authority and invoice scanning.

The old FMIS had reliability issues requiring a significant amount of time and energy just keeping the system going, thereby reducing time available for value-add activities.

Following a thorough tender process, TechnologyOne’s OneGovernment was chosen, making LINZ the first site in New Zealand to use the pre-configured solution.


OneGovernment is the only SaaS solution in the marketplace designed specifically for government departments and encompasses Financials, Supply Chain, Enterprise Budgeting, Business Intelligence (BI) and Contract Management. It was built in partnership with TechnologyOne’s large customer base across all levels of government.

Bridgette Hickey, Principal Financial Advisor, explains “The fact that TechnologyOne is very well represented in Central Government was a positive. OneGovernment provides us with a simple platform should a directive be issued to share back-office functions.”

Key business systems LINZ use such as Landonline have been integrated into OneGovernment via TechnologyOne’s Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) module. Users can now access financial information from their desktops, meet departmental budgeting and forecasting requirements, and also drill down to transactions including scanned attachments such as accounts payable invoices.

The BI tool, which easily presents data in a dashboard also adapts to users’ changing reporting needs. “BI enables us to continually present information in a fresh and interesting manner. With ETL, we can easily integrate with other systems (including non-financial information), as well as create data warehouses to manipulate information for reporting and/ or processing improvements,” continues Ms Hickey.

The implementation of purchase orders means LINZ can easily monitor its commitments and benefit from an audited workflow approval system which is based on financial delegations.

LINZ took a number of steps well before the implementation to restructure the financial processing team and review the internal processes for each function.

Replacing its FMIS with the fully integrated TechnologyOne FMIS solution has provided the LINZ user community with a modern and fully integrated solution. The department has benefited from a solid financial reporting platform delivering information through its flexible reporting tools in a range of innovative formats.

About Land Information New Zealand

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is a government department responsible for land titles, topographic and hydrographic information, and managing crown property. Its functions support activities as diverse as buying a house, navigating the seas and sending emergency services to the right place.

When it was first introduced in the mid 1990’s its Landonline system was a world first integrating all New Zealand’s geodetic, cadastral and land title data enabling land professionals to search, and to lodge title dealings and survey data digitally. LINZ continues to lead the way being the first New Zealand site to adopt the TechnologyOne OneGovernment solution, providing a significantly improved online experience for the internal user communit

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Publish date

30 Aug 2017

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