City of Burnside

TechnologyOne’s Application Managed Services (AMS) program has helped the City of Burnside to up-skill its team, manage day-to-day system administration and optimisation

Case study highlights

  • Up skilled internal IT team
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Added structure and workflow processes


The City of Burnside serves a population of 45,690 people in the south-eastern corner of Adelaide. After using TechnologyOne’s enterprise software for several years, the council was struggling to maintain its software following some staff departures, which resulted in a loss of technical expertise.

“Where we would normally do things in-house, we were having to rely on consultants to assist us, which took time to organise through the traditional means,” said Matthew Spearman, Group Manager People and Innovation, City of Burnside.

The City of Burnside needed reliable support to maintain its service delivery levels and ensure its operations continued to run smoothly.

“We needed additional support to act as a safety buffer while we restructured and up-skilled our team,” Spearman said.


The City of Burnside engaged TechnologyOne’s AMS team to provide ongoing training, system maintenance and optimisation.

“AMS is like having an additional resource that’s capable of completing every function within our software portfolio,” Spearman said.

“It’s like we have a gun team member that has our back whenever something comes up, which requires significant time and research.”

Group Manager, People and Innovation
City of Burnside

AMS is like having an additional resource that’s capable of completing every function within our software portfolio.


“AMS is quite flexible in terms of what you can use it for,” Spearman said.

“Initially, we used it to upskill team members, but the AMS program also came in handy when we were implementing TechnologyOne’s Asset Management solution in Ci Anywhere.”

“Anything that our IT team couldn’t resolve, we escalated to AMS. They helped us overcome some major hurdles and I don’t think we would have been able to complete the project without them.

“Using AMS was also the catalyst for us setting up a change control board, which enabled us to openly prioritise requests with key stakeholders and then raise high priority jobs with AMS.”

“This has brought some much-needed structure to our teams and has improved inter-department communication and collaboration.

Spearman added: “Each month, we know we have reliable support to draw on to get things done.

“It’s great value for money, which is really important for a council of our size, operating on a lean budget.”


The AMS program has enabled the City of Burnside to backfill a gap in technical expertise.

TechnologyOne’s Application Managed Services (AMS) program has helped the City of Burnside to up-skill its team, manage day-to-day system administration and optimisation.

About City of Burnside

Located in the south-eastern corner of Adelaide, the City of Burnside covers 28 suburbs and has a residential population of 45,690 people.

City of Burnside website

Publish date

28 Jul 2017

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