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Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council has enhanced their long-term financial planning by adopting TechnologyOne’s Financials to help them deliver over 200 services to their community.


  • Local Government Media release

    Riverina Council upgrades tech to deliver for community

    Edward River Council goes live with TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil SaaS solution to help deliver a better customer experience.
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    Publish date 22 May 2023
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  • Local Government Case study

    Edinburgh Leisure

    Moving to TechnologyOne SaaS from antiquated on-premise systems, Edinburgh Leisure has digitally transformed and brought themselves into the 21st century.
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    Publish date 12 May 2023
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  • Local Government Media release

    More UK councils jump on the SaaS bandwagon

    Councils across the UK are moving to TechnologyOne’s SaaS solution to transform their operations and deliver value for residents and businesses.


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    Publish date 31 Mar 2023
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