Australian Naval Infrastructure

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Case study highlights

  • Empowered employees by sharing best practice methods
  • Saved four days per month by streamlining the reporting process
  • Access timely, technical support from dedicated AMS team


Australian Naval Infrastructure is a nation-building commitment by the Government of Australia and oversees the establishment of state-of-the-art infrastructure for the domestic manufacture of world class naval assets.

ANI is currently building a $535 million shipyard as part of the Future Frigate Project. Once this is completed, ANI will move onto the construction of a submarine yard, which is set to be a significantly larger investment.

“Every dollar we spend is taxpayer money, so every dollar counts,” said ANI Financial Controller Adele Fraser.

Alongside a requirement for full financial visibility, ANI were also growing to meet the demands of their upcoming projects.

“We wanted to make sure we were getting the most out of our investment in TechnologyOne’s software, to ensure we utilise it to the best of its ability - while also having the capability to ramp up the team and business for major projects on the horizon,” said ANI Senior Business Analyst Joseph Di Giacomi.

To maximise the value of its TechnologyOne solution and ensure it is successful in its two major projects and beyond, ANI chose to adopt a prepaid AMS consulting program.


ANI has implemented TechnologyOne’s Financials, Supply Chain Management, HR and Payroll, Enterprise Content Management and Corporate Performance Management and enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Not only does ANI have a completely integrated enterprise solution, but with the addition of AMS, it now has access to guaranteed consulting services from technical experts at any time.

This results in an optimised solution and allows employees to spend more time focusing on the real value adding activities, rather than the more cumbersome tasks.


TechnologyOne's software and consulting services, have allowed ANI to focus on the success of its major projects and has empowered its staff with complete financial visibility.

“The key benefit is that there’s no longer a need for reconciliations. Everything is talking to each other and there’s one source of the truth,” Mr Di Giacomi said.

ANI’s access to on-demand consulting has also allowed it to reduce the time spent creating critical end-of-month reports.

“We saved a couple of days off our end-of-month processes. When we started we were turning our end of month around in a week and a half, now it’s down to just four days.”

Senior Business Analyst
Australian Naval Infrastructure

When we started we were turning our end of month around in a week and a half, now it’s down to just four days.


ANI’s previous system lacked functionality, meaning simple processes such as transaction management, reconciliations and basic reporting were unnecessarily complex.

The requirement to fix these issues was extremely pressing, and as a result we opted to implement a basic configuration of the software to meet ANI’s tight timeframes.

This meant specific functions were prioritised for the implementation to be as quick as possible. This meant there were gaps in employee knowledge of the software and change management between the systems.

As a result, staff weren’t always fully aware of the solution’s potential, so would revert to their previous processes.

“When we first started, we were taking data sets out of TechnologyOne, not realising it was able to do everything we wanted,” Mr Di Giacomi said.

“Since signing up for AMS our financials are just a push of a button as the team has helped us to understand the system’s potential and the efficiencies that come with having that expert knowledge available on-demand when we need it.

“It would have taken us 10 hours or more to create those financials ourselves.”


Since signing up to the AMS program, ANI has improved productivity and operational efficiency by drawing on experts to maximise the value of their TechnologyOne solution.

“All of the consultants that we’ve been dealing with are quite happy to knowledge-share,” Ms Fraser said.

“They don’t go away and fix the problem and then just tell us it’s done. They’ll actually do it with us, which helps us to upskill our staff.”

AMS has empowered staff by sharing best practice methods, enabling ANI to take advantage of the flexibility of the program to ensure they are only paying for what they need.

“You can adjust your consulting program up and down as your business needs change,” Ms Fraser said.

About Australian Naval Infrastructure

Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd (ANI) is placing Australia at the forefront of naval infrastructure capability. ANI is a nation-building commitment by the Government of Australia and sees the establishment of state-of-the-art infrastructure for the domestic manufacture of world class naval vessels.

ANI stands for reinvesting into the nation’s economy and its skilled workforce through creating a continuous thriving industry that is in the best interests of Australia.

Australian Naval Infrastructure website

Publish date

02 Oct 2019

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