Tomorrow’s solutions for today’s water industry

The rate of technological change in the water management and infrastructure industry is rapid, as TechnologyOne discovered at the 2017 OzWater conference.

Article highlights

  • Engaged 30 innovators in brainstorming
  • Developed an ‘invisible utility’ concept
  • Led to a seamless customer experience

The Challenge

The rate of technological change in the water management and infrastructure industry is rapid.

When TechnologyOne hosted the inaugural Water Hack at the OzWater conference in 2017, it was apparent that advances in the way water assets are managed would create challenges for people who work in the sector, as well as customers.

Jonathon McKeown, Chief Executive of the Australian Water Association, described the Water Hack as a way to “get creative minds thinking collectively to solve some really big issues”.

The Solution

TechnologyOne engaged around 30 industry innovators in the brainstorming activity, including Anne-Elise Charles from Jacobs, who said she was excited about the possibilities new technology would bring in the future of the water industry.

“I feel like the water industry is something that’s kind of been a little bit on the back foot of the technology revolution, but I think with the number of people that are really keen for that to happen—it’s going to happen soon,” she said.

“I think it will change the way people interact with water and the way they appreciate water as well.”

The Outcome

The outcome of the Water Hack was the development of an ‘invisible utility’ concept, where service providers deliver streamlined, optimised and personalised customer experience that renders processes and complications ‘invisible’ to the customer.

The good news is that TechnologyOne is already leading the charge to enable organisations to provide a seamless customer experience. OneAsset creates seamless coordination between back-office capabilities and frontline customer service.

Chief Executive
Australian Water Association

Get creative minds thinking collectively to solve some really big issues.


Meet expectations with fluidity and finesse

  • Centralise all contact data and customer interactions
  • Immediately process information, queries and payments
  • Improve customer management with self-service and integrated billing
  • Easily collect operational and customer data from intelligent web forms
  • Meet the shifting expectations of water customers for speed, accuracy and insight


OneAsset’s configurable template allows for accelerated solution delivery, which means bringing organisations up to speed with a single digital platform in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Publish date

08 Jan 2018

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