Liveable cities possible by embedding agility in councils

Emphasising connectivity, innovation and agility are all priorities for local governments, as TechnologyOne discovered at the 2017 LG Professionals National Congress

Article highlights

  • People want to live in cities that make effective use of technology
  • OneCouncil streamlines operations through a single integrated solution
  • Digital disruption puts pressure on councils to be accessible 24/7

The Challenge

People want to live in cities that make effective use of technology to make their lives more engaging, convenient and integrated - but they also want a council that leverages technology to save money and improve outcomes for the environment and community.

The Solution

OneCouncil, developed in collaboration with more than 200 local government authorities, creates the right conditions for council to be more responsive in the way it engages, plans and delivers community services.

The solution helps local governments to unify their business systems, so they can focus on creating smart, sustainable and highly liveable cities.

CEO of Bass Coast Shire Council
LG Professionals National Congress

In terms of being accessible 24/7, providing our services and access to information, and making sure we can be as responsive as possible.


2017 LG Professionals National Congress attendee Paul Buckley, CEO of Bass Coast Shire Council said digital disruption was putting more pressure on councils “in terms of being accessible 24/7, providing our services and access to information, and making sure we can be as responsive as possible”.

Congress participant Sue Bidrose, Vice President of the New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers, said: “Every council needs to think about being a smart city if they want to go ahead. We’re competing on an international stage for people to live in our city when they can live anywhere in the world.”

City of Port Adelaide Enfield CEO, Mark Withers, said that implementing simplified, web-based technologies was a way for councils to direct their energy more productively.

“Everything’s going to be in the cloud very soon, if it’s not (already), and I think it’s shown us how we can more effectively get on and do our business, and let the back-end and the people who know what they’re doing, handle our business,” Mr Withers said.


    By streamlining business operations through a single, integrated solution, OneCouncil enables local government authorities to reduce costs, improve efficiency and access real-time information required to serve residents and make better decisions in a fast-paced environment.

    OneCouncil streamlines entire business operations in the following ways:

    • Streamlines business processes through rules-based configuration
    • Improves visibility so resources can be allocated where they’re needed most
    • Manages the entire lifecycle of an asset base
    • Improves transparency and information-sharing for compliance and reporting
    • Connects budgets and forecasts to business drivers for superior strategic planning

    Simplify work-flows to focus on a more thriving and prosperous city:

    • Intuitive employee self-service reduces manual tasks and management workloads
    • Easily monitor progress of enquiries, asset management schedules and capital works
    • Provide faster service responses and enable customer self-service
    • Engage the community and seek feedback on proposals and applications
    • Delight residents by meeting contemporary expectations of digital experiences

    Publish date

    15 Dec 2017

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