The Salvation Army

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army began its life under the influence of William and Catherine Booth. In 1865, William Booth took over The Christian Mission in England, where he put together a plan to help the poor and found a blueprint for a new welfare system that is still seen in the UK to this day. In 1880, The Christian Mission, now known as the Salvation Army expanded to Australia. They began bridging and rehabilitation programs for former inmates who found they were unable to begin a new life after being released from prison. Rather than letting them succumb to a vicious cycle of crime, the Salvation Army started programs to help them transition back into society. From there, they grew to help wider communities in their social and economic struggles.

What they do

“Wherever there is hardship or injustice Salvos will live, love, fight alongside others to transform Australia one life at a time.”

The Salvation Army is one of the largest national providers of welfare services in Australia, helping over one million people every year. Operating in Australia for 135 years, The Salvation Army has an extensive history of working with the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in our communities.

Today the Salvation Army is dedicated to creating hope. Hope for people who are homeless or escaping violence, hope for people trapped in addiction or battling mental illness, hope for people affected by disaster or financial troubles, and hope for anyone feeling hopeless.

TechnologyOne has partnered with the Salvation Army since 2004, with a focus on youth programs across Australia and New Zealand.

They provide many services for people in all walks of life, including:

  • Youth Services
  • Addiction recovery
  • Employment help
  • Homelessness accomodation
  • Legal Aid

How we’ll make a difference

At TechnologyOne, we can make a difference in our own community. Our partnership has supported the most marginalised youth since 2004, through education programs, emergency support, counselling, housing and so much more.

Programs supported by TechnologyOne
Youth Outreach Service (QLD)

The Youth Outreach Service assists young people to overcome adversity and move forward in a positive way toward independence, supporting young people to meet their different needs, serving young people and their families with love, compassion and unswerving commitment. TechnologyOne supports alternative education programs for disadvantaged and homeless youth.

Crossroads West (WA)

The Crossroads West program provides a wide range of residential and support programmes for young people who are currently in care, leaving care or already left state care. Preparation for Leaving and Aftercare Services focussing on young people in state care, who engage in high risk behaviour, have had multiple out of home placements and have limited support networks.

Tools for the Trade Program (VIC)

The Salvation Army's Tools for the Trade program in Victoria is an eight-week program assisting young people who are disengaged from school and at risk of long-term unemployment.

The program seeks to re-engage young people back into the education sector and/or assist them to secure apprenticeships.

Oasis Youth Residential Services (ACT)

The Salvation Army's Oasis Youth Residential Services in ACT provides homeless youth with access to safe emergency accommodation to help build their independence. Our contributions provide work clothing, self-defence and personal safety courses and CIT course fees.

Youth Link (NSW)

Working with young people who are at risk for a variety of reasons such as homelessness, drug and alcohol problems, social isolation, mental illness and family trauma.

The TechnologyOne Foundation is committed to donating 1% of annual profit to support our vision of changing the future by empowering underprivileged and at risk youth to transform their lives.