TechnologyOne to showcase the next evolution of its enterprise software

TechnologyOne has announced a Showcase event in Wellington, where it will demonstrate the next evolution of its enterprise software, Ci Anywhere, and the TechnologyOne Cloud. 

TechnologyOne NZ Showcase 2014 will be held in Wellington on 9 December 2014

The company launched the TechnologyOne Cloud and its new Ci Anywhere software to 1,600 delegates at its Evolve user conference in Australia earlier this year. 

Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said TechnologyOne had invested over $80 million to date into creating a true cloud-based, enterprise Software as a Service offering that enables customers to take advantage of new technology paradigms, simplify their computing model, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and focus on their business.

“Cloud computing is a widely used and misunderstood term,” said Adrian Di Marco. “It is a confusing concept because it is used to categorise everything from simple hosting solutions and outsourced infrastructure solutions, to complete Software as a Service solutions.

“Companies such as Google, Facebook and Salesforce have become leaders in the cloud, because they build and run their own software, and continually invest to improve it. It’s called Software as a Service. In the same way, we build, run and optimise our software to run on the TechnologyOne Cloud. This is the future of enterprise software and it is available from us now. It allows us to take care of the technology for our customers, so they can focus on running their business.”

Mr Di Marco said the new Ci Anywhere platform also offers unprecedented flexibility to mobile its customers’ workforces. 

“Ci Anywhere’s beautiful design and ease of use truly raises the bar for enterprise software, it has been built from the ground up to take advantage of smart mobile features such as touch,” he said.

“The huge investment we decided to make three years ago has proven to be the right call. Enterprise level organisations are announcing cloud-first strategies and mobile devices are now ubiquitous in the workplace,” Mr Di Marco said. “We truly believe that this is the future of enterprise software, today.”

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