TechnologyOne looks to expand product range

TechnologyOne is looking to extend its product suite in its core vertical markets by partnering or acquiring companies with complimentary products. 

The company has built a strong value proposition by providing a totally integrated enterprise solution to companies in seven key markets, and it believes this proposition can be strengthened by delivering more integrated products to its customers, out of the box. 

Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said TechnologyOne had built significant intellectual property in a broad suite of enterprise applications, including Financials, HR & Payroll, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Works & Assets, Property and Student Management. 

“We continue to look at new ways to expand our total solution suite, as it is clear that companies are looking for one solution from one vendor, totally integrated and ‘out of the box’ to meet their enterprise requirements,” Mr Di Marco said. 

“Whilst we continue to invest significant R&D into extending this product suite, we are also looking to acquire or partner with companies with complimentary products,” he said. 

“We are particularly interested in solutions suited to our key vertical markets of Financial Services, Utilities, Managed Services, Health & Community Services, Local Government, Government and Education. 

“Areas of particularly interest are those who specialise in solutions such as asset maintenance, business intelligence, corporate planning, mobile solutions or CRM.”

TechnologyOne has recently entered into partnership agreements with companies in the performance planning and mobile applications market, and will begin marketing and selling their solutions under the TechnologyOne umbrella in the coming months. 

Mr Di Marco said that as the company moves into new regional markets, such as its expansion into the UK, it will also look to acquire or partner with Australian-based organisations with a strong customer base in these new markets.

“However, this does not dilute the fact that we are only interested in those companies who can help us extend our product suite in our target vertical markets, we are not interested in companies with specialist products in markets outside of our focus.”