TechnologyOne launches new version of student management software

TechnologyOne Limited (ASX: TNE), a leading Australian provider of enterprise business software solutions, has released version 4.3 of its Student Management software solution. The software upgrade includes two new modules; Rewards, Scholarships and Prizes; and eApplications, which were both collaborative developments led by Melbourne University and Queensland University of Technology.

The Rewards, Scholarships and Prizes module provides a comprehensive method of managing, administering and bestowing rewards, prizes, scholarships, gifts and bursaries within an institution. eApplication is a flexible, easy to use, web based interface to enable prospective and current students to apply for study offered by an institution.

General Manager, Education Solutions for TechnologyOne, Teresa Murphy, said the release of Student Management 4.3 will ensure the company’s deeply integrated, enterprise software solutions continues to support the rapidly changing and diverse nature of the Higher Education Sector.

“Student Management 4.3 will help universities meet the growing need for student-centric services and will support the constantly evolving strategic and operational needs of these organisations.”

“The software facilitates increased managerial effectiveness, enhanced reporting, instant information transfer and retrieval and provides a whole-of-university view to maximise resources and increase efficiency in all departments.”

TechnologyOne’s software is used by more than 50 per cent of Australian Universities and the upgraded Student Management solution offers a range of new features and enhanced functionality. In addition, the company’s new Business Intelligence tools now offer institutions the capability to integrate across all core systems, providing the ability to analyse key aspects such as course profitability and student revenue trends.

TechnologyOne expects the enhanced functionality of the Student Management software solution to assist the company with its plans to move into international markets. The company has already won software contracts with the prestigious Institute of Education in the UK, as well as the University of Otago and Massey University in NZ and supplies its enterprise suite of solutions to a number of Australian universities including Melbourne University, James Cook University, Queensland University of Technology, Victoria University, the University of South Australia and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman, TechnologyOne, said that TechnologyOne’s objective in the Higher Education sector has been to assist these organisations overcome the limitations that result from the varying quality of products and systems available.

“We provide a deeply integrated suite of highly functional products, where each product is at the top of its game. In the past customers have had to compromise, going to four, five or even six different vendors to fulfil their accounting, budgeting, student management, asset management and other business functions. At TechnologyOne we don’t think there should be such a compromise, we provide a one stop shop with an entire integrated system that is at the top of its game and is best in class.”

Di Marco says the new version of the Student Management software demonstrates the benefits TechnologyOne customers receive through the company’s commitment to improved user experience, with full integration between its total suite of products.

“We have invested significant research and development into our Connected Intelligence (Ci) framework that forms the core of all our solutions. This framework gives us the ability to deliver fully integrated solutions with the same user interface and look and feel across the full product suite.”

Key advantages delivered by the Rewards, Scholarships and Prizes module include:
  • Improved control of the scholarship benefits offered
  • Reduction in administrative burden as students can enter and update their applications for rewards online
  • Integration of rewards information with online study applications, providing a seamless ‘one stop shop’ for students
  • Streamlined candidate selection with the provision of automated correspondence
  • Automatic checking of conditions such as tenure and alerts for staff regarding exceptions requiring attention
  • Automated reporting to Government sponsors and other third party donors
  • Improved budgeting and forecasting of scholarship commitments, facilitating better utilisation of available rewards and scholarships

Eapplication seamlessly integrates with TechnologyOne’s existing application process to offer the following benefits:
  • Improved student experience enabling students to track progress, upload supporting documentation and pay online
  • Delivers faster turn around of the application, facilitating early engagement and improving the ongoing relationship
  • More efficient administration through automated assessment and verification process
  • Better document management and correspondence management