TechnologyOne launches new enterprise solution for NFP sector

TechnologyOne has enhanced its enterprise software offering for the Not for Profit sector with the development of a new solution that integrates operational aspects of a charity to enhance its organisational performance.

The new solution is being developed in partnership with two leading charitable organisations, Connections (Uniting Care) in Victoria and the Children's Medical Research Institute in New South Wales.  It meets the unique needs of the sector by providing sophisticated supporter management functionality aimed at sustaining long term relationships and multiple donation activity.

The solution will provide automated receipting and reconciliation capability, and can manage grants and bequests, email and telemarketing campaigns, merchandising, money tin collection, corporate engagement, events, volunteer rostering, regulations around sanctions, raffle tickets, and third party receipting.

TechnologyOne is already the dominant provider of financial and business software solutions in the Australian Not for Profit sector with approximately seventy customers, including the Salvation Army, Mission Australia and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Executive Chairman of TechnologyOne, Adrian Di Marco, said the company's solution will be an ideal match for the Not for Profit sector because it traps multiple engagements and ongoing donor contact information in a format that is more flexible and user friendly than other standard solutions available in the marketplace.

"It also integrates with the company's financial, business intelligence and grants management solution to provide greater control over revenue management, fundraising activity and allocation," he said.

Connections' Director of Corporate Services, Remberto Rivera, said his organisation has already realised a range of benefits from the CRM solution and is working closely with TechnologyOne to get the most from its investment.

"We worked with them on tight integration to enable us to see transactions by donor in the CRM and to ensure the money we receive can be receipted through the financials system."

"This has already paid dividends, as donation receipting only happens once it has been collected through the core financial system, which ultimately saves time and money," he said.

Mr Rivera said that the organisation expects the TechnologyOne enterprise solution to enhance its fundraising operation.

"We're using TechnologyOne software in the fundraising arm of Connections, and already we're seeing a wide range of benefits.  Staff find it very easy to use and this has increased their efficiency in managing donor information, which in turn may reduce costs."

"Naturally, this also has an impact on the value of donations - we're getting more out of the money people are donating because the operating costs may be reduced."

"While the economic crisis does mean that people are donating less, we're expecting that we can combat this to a certain degree because TechnologyOne CRM is helping us target our campaigning more effectively."

Mr Stephen Ryall, Company Secretary of the Children's Medical Research Institute, said that the integration of the CRM and Financials and the way the TechnologyOne enterprise solution works was one of the main reason they decided to purchase it over other solutions available on the market.

"We were really excited when we saw the potential of this integrated system, and to be honest, no such integration is currently available in the market for Not for Profits who all need a solution like this'" he said.

"The fact that TechnologyOne has committed to working with us to ensure that it specifically meets the NFP Industry's needs is fantastic. This is the kind of service we want and expect from a vendor."

Not for Profits are also under increasing pressure to produce detailed financial reports and better governance structures,* with clear reporting of KPIs to provide stakeholders with an understanding of the organisation's key drivers.

Mr Di Marco said TechnologyOne software is used by hundreds of leading government and commercial organisations for financial and compliance requirements.

"TechnologyOne offers integrated financial, performance planning and business intelligence software, which can certainly help Not for Profits with measuring, tracking and reporting on KPIs.  The integration with our CRM and grants management solutions means that Not for Profits using it can view total organisational information in real-time, at any point."

Mr Di Marco also said that TechnologyOne's focus on working in partnership with customers and ensuring tight integration with all its products forms part of the overall company strategy.

"Across all of our products, we work continuously with our customers to ensure we provide solutions that meet their business needs."

Unlike other customer relationship management products, TechnologyOne's integrated enterprise software has been developed to meet the diverse needs of service-oriented organisations, especially those that have residents or stakeholders.

TechnologyOne also integrates with day-to-day tools, such as Outlook and the Microsoft Office suite.  This minimises the risk of change management in the business because users can continue employing the tools they are accustomed to work with.