TechnologyOne Launches Business Intelligence Solution

Technology One Limited (ASX:TNE), a leading Australian provider of enterprise business software solutions, has today announced the launch of its new generation Business Intelligence solution. Built on TechnologyOne’s powerful Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform, the solution tightly integrates across the company’s enterprise suite of software offering customers a real-time, organisation-wide view of their business across system boundaries, with drill down functionality.

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said more than ten large government and commercial organisations have purchased the solution as part of a pilot program.

“We anticipate that more than 400 customers will adopt our Business Intelligence solution over the next several years.”

Mr Di Marco said the reason BI is the next big issue on the horizon is because the big ERP players have not delivered solutions to address the information needs of their customers.

“The large ERP vendors have simply ticked the box by acquiring companies and are now cobbling together a BI solution for their long suffering customers,” he said.

“One of the big issues for their customers will be how long it will take before they actually get a BI solution which works out of the box. In the meantime, they will be faced with making the BI solution work over their ERP database, dealing with issues like inconsistent user interfaces and extensive training requirements for staff.

“Our solution is totally integrated with the TechnologyOne database and has been built from the ground up, in line with the company’s commitment to people-centric software. TechnologyOne Business Intelligence has a rich user interface making it accessible to users at all levels of the organisation, empowering them to easily access relevant data to improve decision making in their role.

“We expect many of our competitor’s customers will adopt our BI solution because of the benefits it offers over the larger ERP attempts,” said Mr Di Marco.
According to Peter Gill, General Manager Business Intelligence, TechnologyOne, the downfall of many business intelligence suites is that while they offer good functionality, they are also complex and difficult to access and navigate and require a major investment in implementation and training costs.

“We believe that business intelligence tools should be available to a wide range of employees rather than just senior management. We have designed this software to ensure the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time, and that it further empowers those people to take action. It provides end users with data mining capabilities in an extremely intuitive environment, building on the collective intelligence of the organisation, so that every level of user can access what they really want rather than what is served up to them.”

“We have built a robust product with cutting edge functionality and an accessible dashboard interface that can be easily utilised by all employees. Fully integrated, the software does more than just suggest or assist in making decisions; it enables and empowers users by providing proactive notifications with actionable links. This means that the software automatically triggers workflow by directing users to the next action in a process sequence. For example, if the BI solution detects that a user needs to transfer funds, the user can automatically drill into the EFT process to affect the transfer – therefore improving process productivity.”

The solution is expected to appeal to many Queensland councils facing amalgamations as it will assist them with their new consolidated reporting requirements.

TechnologyOne Business Intelligence is an ‘out of the box’ solution that delivers immediate benefits to customers. Complementing TechnologyOne’s extensive product suite (including Financials, HR & Payroll, Supply Chain, Budgeting, Property & Rating, Performance Planning Student Management, Enterprise Content Management and Works & Assets), the fully integrated Business Intelligence solution is ‘data aware’, offering customers rapid implementation and the ability to draw data from across the organisation and aggregate it in a user friendly dashboard.

Built on TechnologyOne’s Connected Intelligence platform, TechnologyOne Business Intelligence delivers a fully integrated solution with the same user interface and look and feel as the entire enterprise suite. This gives customers an improved user experience, with full integration between their total suite of products, providing the ability to make real-time and automated business decisions based on access to intelligence data from across their organisation.

Adrian Di Marco said the release of TechnologyOne Business Intelligence is a great example of the company’s ability to respond to market requirements.

“We develop software that assists our customers to do better business. We listen closely to those who use our software and invest substantially into R&D to develop the solutions to meet their needs.”

“We understand that for many customers having access to a Business Intelligence solution that could be quickly and effectively implemented at an affordable price was out of reach. Until now. Our vision is for business intelligence to be utilised throughout the whole of an organisation and so we have designed powerful tools which are no longer simply the domain of senior business managers. Our solutions enrich the working life of everyone within an organisation by combining ease of use and ease of deployment with meaningful information. The result is a true return on investment as the benefits of the solution are gained by all.”

  • Out of the Box – TechnologyOne Business Intelligence is time- and cost-effective to implement and ensures that value to the organisation can be realised immediately.
  • Simplified enquiries – User dashboards are tailored for the individual’s role in the organisation to quickly and simply answer enquiries and process requests.
  • Intelligent - TechnologyOne’s solutions are shipped data aware, facilitating a rapid implementation timeframe, and can access information from across the organisation to generate reports from any data source.
  • Action oriented – TechnologyOne allows users to drill down directly from their dashboard, which means users can progress from an action request to a processing function and take direct action within the system.
  • Real time – With full integration and drill down functionality, users can take immediate action directly from their dashboard. Using this single operating environment, organisations will realise significant time savings.