TechnologyOne jumps ahead of global competition with new enterprise SaaS

TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE), Australia’s largest enterprise software company, today revealed its TechnologyOne Cloud and new Ci Anywhere software, which it said was a quantum leap on anything available from its multinational competitors.

Speaking in front of 1,600 attendees at the company’s Evolve user conference on the Gold Coast this week, executive chairman Adrian Di Marco said TechnologyOne had invested over $80 million to date into creating a true cloud, enterprise software as a service offering that enables customers to take advantage of new technology paradigms, simplify their computing model, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and focus on their business.

TechnologyOne Cloud – enterprise software as a service

“Cloud computing is a widely used and misunderstood term,” said Adrian Di Marco. “It is a confusing concept because it is used to categorise everything from simple hosting solutions and outsourced infrastructure solutions, to complete Software as a Service solutions.

“Companies such as Google, Facebook and Salesforce have become leaders in the cloud, because they build and run their own software, and continually invest to improve it. It’s called Software as a Service. In the same way, we build, run and optimise our software to run on the TechnologyOne Cloud. This is the future of enterprise software and it is available from us now, and allows us to take care of the technology for our customers, so they can focus on running their business.”

The TechnologyOne Cloud, is proven, with customers including the newly formed Noosa Council already deriving cost savings and operational benefits. 

Despite starting with zero IT infrastructure or staff, the new Council and TechnologyOne implemented the solution in just four months, with the Council becoming fully operational in January 2014. Similar council implementations using out dated technology models typically take 12-18 months. 

Continuing evolution of TechnologyOne’s Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform revealed

Mr Di Marco also revealed Ci Anywhere, the company’s redesigned enterprise software, which embraces consumer concepts, smart mobile devices and is incredibly easy to use.

“Ci Anywhere has a beautiful, simple interface and works natively on all smart mobile devices (as well as traditional PCs and laptops), so anyone with a 3G network can use it on any device, anywhere, anytime” said Mr Di Marco

“Also, we have worked hard to offer our customers a simple and evolutionary path forward. Our customers have the flexibility of continuing to use our existing Ci software, switching to the new Ci Anywhere software, or opting for a mixture of both. The same software can be hosted on-premise or on the TechnologyOne Cloud,” Mr Di Marco said. “The new platform and products run in parallel to their existing investment, without the requirement for re-licensing fees or re-implementation. 

“We truly believe that the future is smart mobile devices driving enterprise software”. 

TechnologyOne Enterprise App Store, redefining how enterprise software is delivered

The company also launched the TechnologyOne Enterprise App Store, allowing customers anywhere in the world to download Ci Anywhere Apps instantly, providing new features, functions and fixes, as well as give feedback and rate each app.

Mr Di Marco said this unique new approach to the delivery of enterprise software eliminated the need for complex, costly upgrades and enabled customers to first trial apps in a test environment, then propagate to their production environment. Our entire TechnologyOne enterprise suite has been simplified into hundreds of individual Enterprise Apps, which can be selected and progressively deployed as required.

“This approach also gives us the ability to analyse user behaviour and receive feedback direct from our customers on a scale never before seen. The unique ‘hot-house’ environment and continual development cycle will make us even more innovative and agile, and as a company we know we will be able to keep our R&D spend in line with our expectations” he said.

“The huge investment we decided to make three years ago has proven to be the right call. Enterprise level organisations are announcing cloud-first strategies and mobile devices are now ubiquitous in the workplace,” Mr Di Marco said. “We truly believe that this is the future of enterprise software, today.”