TechnologyOne fosters young talent and innovation through summer intern program

Australia’s most successful enterprise software provider TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) has closed out its summer internship program with two new employees and innovative new additions to its software.

The company’s intern program was last year announced as one of Australia’s best intern programs in Interns Australia’s National Fair Internship Pledge (NFIP), setting the standard for interns nationally.

TechnologyOne’s recent summer internship onboarded interns from the QUT Dean’s Scholars Program studying mathematics and information technology, providing them with unique work-integrated-learning opportunities.

“We’re an innovative, forward thinking company. Key to that innovation is engaging with Australia’s best and brightest young talent,” said TechnologyOne’s Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco.

“Not only does it ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry, but it also ensures we are investing in the success of the IT industry as a whole. Australia’s knowledge industries will be the future of our economy, and it is vital that businesses invest in the industry, universities and young talent.”

TechnologyOne’s summer interns were embedded into the cloud team to analyse the TechnologyOne data lake. This data lake is created through TechnologyOne Insights, the internal platform that tracks user participation on the TechnologyOne Cloud.

TechnologyOne’s Cloud Group Director Iain Rouse said: “The interns were focused on predictive analytics projects and the use of machine learning, scanning billions of rows of historical data, to determine the average length it would take to run certain reports."

R&D Group Director Brett Hooker added: “The aim of building these predictions is that we incorporate these innovative features into future releases of our software.”

“We’ve learnt a lot during our two months here, it has been awesome,” said one of the company’s interns, Aakanksha Bose.

“We don’t get much exposure to Australian enterprise software at uni, so I didn’t know what to expect working at TechnologyOne. But I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve been working on - so much so that it’s something I’d love to do in the future.

“I was really impressed by the opportunities available to me right on my doorstep in Brisbane. Because TechnologyOne’s R&D centre is based in Australia, it meant I got to work on software that organisations rely on to run their business.

“TechnologyOne is an absolutely amazing workplace. We had a great support network throughout our time here and endless opportunities to network with other employees and interns. I’ve very much enjoyed my time here and would definitely like a career here.

“The experience I’ve gained from this internship has given me a huge advantage for the rest of my university study, as well as my job prospects once I graduate. The practical experience has added context to what I’m studying, and I’ve been exposed to far more technologies and principles than I would in my degree.”

Fellow intern Andrew Haselgrove said: “The biggest attraction for me was the emphasis on the learning opportunity, rather than feeling pressured into delivering a huge project. “The internship was all about learning and understanding how the industry works, and was designed so that we were encouraged to be innovative at every step without restrictions,” he said.

“But the most rewarding part is that even though the emphasis was on learning, the projects we’ve worked on are actually being implemented into the software and will be used by customers.”

Mr Rouse added: “We were so impressed with the great things Andrew and Aakanksha did during their time here that we’ve offered them casual positions.

“Our combination of relevant and innovative projects, matched with a great place to work, will allow us to retain fantastic interns like Andrew and Aakanksha.

“Today’s interns are the next generation of IT professionals and our future industry leaders. It’s exciting to consider their potential and the creative impact they can have on the future of IT, and to know that TechnologyOne is playing a part in that.”

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