TechnologyOne continues success of OneCouncil solution

TechnologyOne has continued its success in local government, signing a deal worth more than $3 million with the Shire of Campaspe for the purchase of its OneCouncil solution. 

TechnologyOne's proven, preconfigured OneCouncil solution significantly reduces implementation time and risk, and the total cost of ownership. The solution underpins the business operation of local governments, to integrate information from many operational systems. 

Campaspe Chief Executive Officer, Keith Baillie, said TechnologyOne has a long and proven history with local government, providing software solutions to more than 250 councils, 35 in Victoria. 

The project will see all key IT systems, including customer management, planning, building, finance, billing, grants management, payroll, human resources and many others, replaced with one integrated system. It will also involve extensive staff training to ensure a smooth transition for the community and staff.

"We have heard from our community that we must continually improve our services and deliver savings. We are confident this can be achieved by providing the software systems and tools our staff need to efficiently serve our community," Mr Baillie said.

"The awarding of this tender is the first step in improving the systems our staff need to automate business processes as well as having access to reliable and secure information."

In 2012 the council adopted a new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy with a focus of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Council's administrative systems and online customer service capability. Mr Baillie said the awarding of this contract is a major component of the implementation of this strategy. 

“IT is key infrastructure required in a modern organisation and is essential for the efficient and reliable delivery of services expected by the community."

"Council's IT systems, processes and equipment not only support our internal functions but are also fundamental to the 120 individual services we deliver every week to the community," Mr Baillie said.

"Improved systems will help us lift our customer service, the ability for the community to access services and information online and cut our response times to customer requests. Introduction of mobile capabilities will allow also our community to access information and services from anywhere, on any device, anytime."

Mr Baillie further added that the awarding of the tender also places the Shire of Campaspe well for the sharing of IT services with other councils in the future.

"The selection of a provider that has local government systems that support common business processes will allow a standard system across Councils, enabling the advantage of efficiencies of scale," Mr Baillie said.

The introduction of new systems is a significant change that will enable Council to transform its operations, to lift productivity and service delivery for people, communities and business across the Shire.

TechnologyOne’s Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco said “We are very pleased to be working with the Shire of Campaspe. This project will see Council transform its organisation and deliver improved services to its community. 

“The preconfigured OneCouncil solution was developed in collaboration with more than 250 Australian councils, and provides the Shire of Campaspe with preconfigured, proven practice templates that meet the needs of the local government sector. 

“As well as benefiting from the power of a single, integrated enterprise solution, the Shire of Campaspe has bought into a solution which adapts and evolves, and positions them well to harness the full value of smart mobile devices and other emerging technologies.”