TechnologyOne celebrates more than a century of success

TechnologyOne today announced that its Business Intelligence and Enterprise Budgeting solutions have celebrated a century of success, gaining 140 customers in 18 months.

The company launched the solutions in late 2007 and since that date it has received an overwhelming response from customers, including the federal Department of Innovation Industry Research and Science, Prime Television Limited, Tourism Queensland, Macquarie University, City of Melbourne, and Ticketek Pty Ltd.

General Manager for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Budgeting, Peter Gill, said that there were a number of reasons the products had achieved such overwhelming success in such a short timeframe.

“Our BI solution differs from other apps on the market because it is designed to be implemented by the business, not the IT arm of an organisation, and we have a goal of ‘extreme ease of use’ for those end users working at different levels throughout an organisation ,” he said.

“In the past I have heard of organisations implementing a new system that staff refuse to use because it’s just too complicated and time consuming.“

“It has been a passion of ours to ensure TechnologyOne’s BI solution is extremely easy to use for staff who are not advanced IT users. Reports and dashboards are easy to generate and graphical representations such as our traffic light system immediately gives users a highly visual format to indicate how things are tracking – green for good, orange for concern and red for a problem. The beauty is that you can make this as simple or as sophisticated as your users require,” he said.

Janice Smith, the Finance Manager for Far North District Council, has found that even self-confessed “financial-phobe” managers now fully understand the information they need to digest and act upon with the help of Business Intelligence.

“Numbers don’t automatically tell people a story, but everyone understands that a red light signals trouble,” she said.

Unlike other business intelligence software, TechnologyOne’s solution can be implemented very quickly, which means that users see result very quickly, and the cost of implementation is up to 10 times lower than other organisations.

This is critical, not only because of the direct cost savings but also you get senior management buy-in because they see quick results. It also provides a unique opportunity to have an iterative approach to implementing the solution, meaning users get exactly what they need and do not have to compromise on their solution.

Mr Gill believes that the Business Intelligence solution’s success relates to its “BI with action” abilities, which go beyond simple drill down.

“Because we provide a totally integrated solution, the system is not only able to tell you where you need to direct your attention, but you can dive directly into your TechnologyOne operational system to act on the information provided. In this way it goes beyond being just an informational tool into the realms of true productivity improvement.”

Mr Gill said that TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Budgeting solution breaks down the barriers between the operational and the finance sides of the business.

“We’ve designed this software specifically so that budgeting information is presented to end users in business terms, not accounting terms. We call this Driver Based Budgeting.”

“For example, a travel worksheet breaks down travel for the year by person, by trip, or whatever else is important to the business. It is built to be expressed in a way that makes sense to how the user does business and then in the background the system converts the information back into a more traditional financial format.”

Mr Gill says that the system achieves genuine buy-in to the budgeting process, because operational users are budgeting and forecasting on their terms and, as a result, they can see the business benefits and can access real-time information to help them see where they’re up to in the budget cycle. This is a significant breakthrough in how operational users see a budgeting and forecasting solution and leads to more accurate information, as well as transparency and accountability on their part.

“It turns budgeting and forecasting into part of everyday business, rather than a painful exercise you have to go through every year.”

Mr Gill is adamant that one of the principal reasons for the success of BI and Enterprise Budgeting has been the constant feedback the R&D teams have received from customers.

“We work with our customers to find out what they want and how we can help. Once we’ve got that kind of information we hand it over to our R&D teams so that they can include it in new releases.”

Mr Gill said that while he always believed the products would be a success, the rapid rate at which customers have adopted the company’s Business Intelligence and Enterprise Budgeting solutions is unprecedented.

“We’ve had customers on board with this from day one. Everyone loved the way these products worked and since we launched them they’ve really taken off. 120 customers in such a short period of time is impressive by anyone’s standards.”

Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman of TechnologyOne, believes that the current economic conditions are actually a positive factor for the continued success of the company’s solutions.

“Getting the budgeting process right and using real-time business intelligence tools are critical when it comes to optimising business performance.”

“Organisations want to get more out of their people when the economy is bad and our products help them do that. Great software can help people work more quickly and more efficiently; it can streamline and automate business processes and provide organisations with the information they need to manage their business.”