TechnologyOne calls out multinational consulting firm Accenture for lacking “true cloud” vision

Executive Chairman and founder ofAustralian tech giant TechnologyOne Adrian Di Marco has said the recent comments by Accenture’s Australian CEO that “the big four don’t get digital” is akin to “the pot calling the kettle black”.

“Accenture don’t get it either, taking software from other companies and implementing it in a highly customised fashion that results in increased costs to the customer and complicated upgrades; all of which is not viable long term and far from a new age digital approach,” Mr Di Marco said.

“Accenture, just like the other big four, continues to propagate a broken old age business model, where the customer loses out and has no single point of accountability. The customer keeps paying for what is a highly inefficient and very poor business model.

Mr Di Marco said successful companies in the digital age will all be based on Software as a Service (SaaS), with SaaS vendors building and running their software for their customers and bypassing the likes of Accenture that have previously been the ‘gate keepers’ and middle men. In this SaaS model enhancements are provided regularly as part of the service and customers benefit from industry learnings and best practices, delivered at no additional cost, direct from the SaaS vendor.

“With SaaS offerings, organisations can expect a substantial reduction in costs because the solutions require no customisation, they’re built fit for purpose, preconfigured for each specific industry and deliver massive economies of scale. SaaS is future proof, with multiple releases provided as part of the service each year direct by the SaaS vendor,” he said.

“True SaaS vendors have no need for the likes of Accenture dealing directly with their customers, which is much more efficient and highly effective.”

Mr Di Marco drew comparison with TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS offering, which offers massive economies of scale and has helped hundreds of customers embrace a digital world while minimising costs and future proofing their organisations. The software provider’s Saas business has continued to grow by more than 100 per cent year on year in the last two years.

“With the elastic nature of our SaaS solution, TechnologyOne eliminates the need for customers to own, run and manage expensive supporting hardware and use the expensive services of companies like Accenture. This frees up our customers to focus on their core business, and let us sort out the technology,” Mr Di Marco said.

“Our SaaS platform is the final piece of the puzzle because we take responsibility to develop, implement, support and run our own software for our customers. All our customers have to do is simply sign in over the internet to get our enterprise software as a service direct from us.”

Mr Di Marco added that vendors who take the “cloud hosting” approach promoted by the traditional consulting firms cannot provide the future proof way forward that SaaS vendors can.

“True SaaS vendors build the software themselves, so they are deeply committed to it, they run the software for their customers and they invest tens of millions of dollars each year in making the experience better,” he said.

“It is clearly what the cloud was always meant to be. The true beauty of SaaS is that when we enhance our solution with a new feature, all of our customers benefit from it - which is something cloud hosting providers just can’t offer.

“The Australian market is becoming more sophisticated in understanding the difference between SaaS and cloud hosting. SaaS is the platform successful companies in the new digital age will be based on.”

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