Software companies team up to offer enhanced decision support tools for polytechnics

TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE) has formed a collaboration with the Artena Society to offer a joint solution to provide better business intelligence to polytechnics in New Zealand.

The solution will help polytechnic CEOs better understand how well students and courses are performing within their institution through more accurate and timely reporting that keeps the finger on the pulse of the business.

The collaboration will see the companies work together on a reporting framework to integrate TechnologyOne Financials and Artena Student Management System Software (SMSS) to give polytechnics a better business performance overview.

The two companies will build a set of dashboards, based on TechnologyOne’s existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools, to improve polytechnics’ access to integrated management data and their reporting capabilities. 

With more than 70 education customers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, TechnologyOne works with 13 New Zealand polytechnics, many of which also use the Artena software. 

TechnologyOne executive chairman Adrian Di Marco said the collaboration would help develop better integration between Artena SMSS and TechnologyOne Financials to benefit all customers. TechnologyOne’s BI tools have the capability to extract data from other systems so dashboards can include key people and resource information providing a true enterprise intelligence platform.

“This partnership will see us provide a cost-controlled solution for these institutions’ student management system.  The collaboration with Artena will provide TechnologyOne with deeper insights into the whole New Zealand tertiary education sector, and we expect to provide a similar solution to other institutions adopting TechnologyOne products, including our own Student Management system,” Mr Di Marco said.

“We will provide New Zealand polytechnics with a clear view across TechnologyOne Financials and Artena SMSS. They will be able to report on their Education Performance Indicators (EPI) and have easy access to course and student performance, which is key to securing funding.”

Rather than reporting on historical data, the BI dashboards will give the institutions direct access to financial and performance data on a day-to-day basis to help them with future decision making. 

Artena SMSS Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Marshall said the collaboration would deliver something that was previously not possible.

“Teaming up with TechnologyOne will help Artena users achieve better integration with the enterprise software provider’s Financials solution and will provide access to better data through the BI platform, with more up-to-date reporting,” said Mr Marshall. 

The formalisation of the collaboration between SMSS and TechnologyOne will see the
organisations work jointly on a number of projects as partners.