Shellharbour City Council turns to TechnologyOne for future-proof software

Shellharbour City Council has purchased TechnologyOne's enterprise solution to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and future-proof its operations.

"We come from a non-integrated, best-of-breed approach and what we wanted was a tightly integrated, future-proof product," said Group Manager Information & Customer Services Harin Perera. 

"We were struggling to deliver online services and mobility with our current suite of products, and were conscious that it wasn't even on the road map for a lot of those vendors. A transition to the cloud is also firmly in our strategy moving forward, and we needed to find a partner who could work with us to deliver that. 

"Council has an objective to replace all our desktops with laptops to have a truly mobile workforce. With mobility built into its products, an ability to deliver cloud-based solutions, and continuing significant investment into future-proofing its products, TechnologyOne's software really supported that vision. 

Mr Perera said Council is anticipating significant cost and time savings by shifting from a best-of-breed to an enterprise approach. 

"We will see significant cost benefits by consolidating products from multiple vendors into a single, integrated solution. We also expect time savings, as we will use mobile technology to automate many manual processes and reduce transaction time across the enterprise."

Shellharbour City Council has gone live with TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll, and Asset Management - including Mobile - and will implement the second phase of the enterprise solution in 2015. The first phase implementation came in on time and on budget due to a strong collaborative relationship between TechnologyOne and Shellharbour City Council, as well as Council's dedication to the project. 

"We found the preconfigured OneCouncil approach was a very efficient and agile implementation approach. It certainly sped up implementation, and it gave us a good set of proven practice business processes," Mr Perera said. 
Council is now using TechnologyOne's Ci Anywhere platform, which was released in early 2014 and is the next generation of the company's Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform. Ci Anywhere provides a simple and easy way forward to embrace smart mobile devices and new concepts. 

"We hadn't really changed our systems over the last ten years and we wanted to introduce something new that was really leading edge," Mr Perera said.  "We've rolled out Ci Anywhere to a small group in a limited fashion, and they already can't wait to get their hands on the full product. It's refreshing to see a vendor that is actually pushing the industry into the future."

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said Shellharbour City Council will gain a competitive advantage by using TechnologyOne's cutting edge technology. 

"We are seeing more and more organisations switching to TechnologyOne after abandoning our competitors' business models, which are outdated, obsolete and lack accountability," Mr Di Marco said.  

"As well as benefiting from the power of a single, integrated enterprise solution, Shellharbour City Council has bought into a solution which adapts and evolves, positioning them well to harness the full value of smart mobile devices and other emerging technologies.

"TechnologyOne's support of smart mobile devices offers unprecedented flexibility to mobilise our customers' workforces, and its beautiful design and ease of use truly raises the bar for enterprise software." 

About TechnologyOne
TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) is Australia's largest publicly listed software company and one of Australia's top 200 ASX-listed companies, with offices across six countries. We create solutions that transform business and make life simple for our customers. We do this by providing powerful, deeply integrated enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,000 leading corporations, government departments and statutory authorities are powered by our software.   

We participate in only seven key markets: government, local government, financial services, education, health and community services, utilities and managed services. For these markets we develop, market, sell, implement, support and run our preconfigured solutions, which reduce time, cost and risk for our customers. 

For 26 years, we have been providing our customers enterprise software that evolves and adapts to new and emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their business and not technology. Today, our software is available on the TechnologyOne Cloud and across smart mobile devices.