Nine Victorian TAFEs go live in nine months, successfully completing major Student Management system roll out

Nine of Victoria's TAFEs have successfully rolled out TechnologyOne's Student Management System, as part of the Victorian Government's project to support TAFE's transition to new contestable training markets.

The go live of the final TAFE in October 2013 marks the successful end of a nine-month implementation project rollout phase, which TechnologyOne began at the beginning of 2013. TechnologyOne's solution approach and close working relationship with Victoria's TAFEs has streamlined each implementation, enabling the participating TAFEs to derive early value. 

"Since TechnologyOne took over the management of this implementation project, we have successfully rolled out nine TAFEs in nine months, on time and on budget. In terms of multi-institution, enterprise-wide rollouts, this is a significant achievement, and a great outcome for the Victorian TAFEs and the Victorian Government," said TechnologyOne's Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco. 

"This project is another example that demonstrates the power of working with a solution provider which builds, implements and runs its own software, as opposed to the scenario where third-party integrators such as IBM and Accenture are engaged to manage large-scale Oracle or SAP implementations. Using third-party integrators introduces added cost and complexity, and runs the risk of implementation disasters such as the failed Queensland Health Payroll system. We take complete, end-to-end responsibility for our customer implementations." 

The Student Management system enables business transformation by providing a single, enterprise-wide solution which simplifies business processes, enhances the student experience, and allows students, academics and administrative staff to connect online.  

When combined with the financial components of TechnologyOne's enterprise solution, which is used by 90% of Victorian TAFEs, the Student Management software enables each TAFE to analyse the return on investment of each course, unit and student taking into account staff wages, equipment, subsidies and grants.  

GippsTAFE CEO, Dr Peter Whitley, said, as the new system is fully implemented, a range of potential business benefits will be able to be realised.  

"Prospective students will have the ability to apply for entry, enrol in their selected courses and pay their fees online," Dr Whitley said. "We see this as a way of improving client service and accessibility, as well as contributing to more efficient back office operations."  

With a long history of serving the education sector, TechnologyOne has become the pre-eminent supplier of Student Management Systems. More than half of Australia's universities and TAFEs use TechnologyOne's integrated enterprise solution.  

TechnologyOne develops, markets, sells, implements, supports and runs its solutions. The Student Management solution also seamlessly supports VET and Higher Education operations, fully supporting those Institutions with a dual sector strategy.  

TechnologyOne's Adrian Di Marco, said the Victorian TAFEs would gain a competitive advantage by using this cutting edge technology.  

"The increasingly commercial nature of the sector has prompted a widespread review of software systems. TechnologyOne's cloud-compliant solution enables Victoria's TAFEs to reduce costs, adopt emerging technologies such as smart mobile devices and future proof their organisations," Mr Di Marco said.