New solution promises to alleviate IT worries for health sector

TechnologyOne has signed an agreement to implement OneHealth - its first preconfigured solution for hospitals and healthcare providers - in the planned $230 million, world class, cancer treatment and research facility, The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse at RPA (Lifehouse), which is due to open in Camperdown, NSW in autumn 2013.

The not-for-profit start-up will be New South Wales' first fully-integrated cancer care facility, combining all facets of clinical care such as surgery, oncology, out-patient services, screening programs, diagnosis and treatment, to through-care and post-treatment support.

Lifehouse is using TechnologyOne OneHealth as a template on which to build the architecture for its business processes.  The OneHealth solution provides integrated finance, facilities and asset management, strategic planning, governance and risk, fundraising and customer relationship management (CRM) designed for healthcare providers.

Chief Financial Officer Brent Cubis said Lifehouse wanted to find an Australian technology partner that would be around for a long time when it went to tender earlier this year.

"When we open we will be a $100 million Hospital/ Research Centre that needed a relatively easy implementation and a provider that would be on hand to help us whenever we needed it so we weren't interested in using a foreign multinational," Mr Cubis said.

"The great thing about TechnologyOne is its software is perfect for a mid-size organisation but can be easily ramped up to grow with a business, it is already starting to offer cloud products so it is thinking about the future and its template solution meant we didn't have to re-invent the wheel.

"We have been working with TechnologyOne to ensure we use proven practice processes and are able to go live with all our IT systems well in advance of opening our doors in 2013.

"We need to order 30,000 items in 2012 to prepare for when we open, so it made sense to start the implementation now so all our systems were properly integrated and held the correct data."

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said the innovative Lifehouse facility was able to use the software in this way because TechnologyOne had committed millions of dollars to building a ‘proven practice, surround-office' solution for the health sector.

"OneHealth, like our other preconfigured solutions, reduces implementation time, cost of ownership and associated risk for our customers in the healthcare sector," Mr Di Marco said.

"We work with more than 25 healthcare providers in Australia and New Zealand and have used this collective knowledge to build a tailored solution, which covers all business functions and integrates with patient management systems.

"We have seen repeatedly that one size does not fit all when it comes to software - the health industry needs its own specially designed systems because it has enough to worry about with politics and patients without worrying about its IT providers.

"This is a great time for solutions like OneHealth because the healthcare sector is reaching a renewal cycle, with lots of hospitals and facilities still using out-dated systems."

As well as all specially tailored back office systems, OneHealth includes a unique ‘Prosthesis Management' module, which is designed to bridge the gap between a hospital's supply chain and its patient management system and streamline the procurement and billing of costly items in procedures such as hip replacements.

Developed in partnership with Epworth Healthcare in Melbourne, modules such as Prosthesis Management demonstrate TechnologyOne's commitment to the health sector.

The company has seen new business wins in the health industry with Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland Limited, Southern Cross Healthcare Group in New Zealand and St Andrews in Toowoomba each purchasing TechnologyOne software.