Moreton Bay Regional Council saves hundreds of hours using TechnologyOne mobile solution

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) is using TechnologyOne’s suite of Mobile Work Management applications to transform its field work crews and go paperless. Since implementation, Council has improved the accuracy of its database and is now saving nearly 2.5 working days per week in administrative work.

The third largest local government in Australia, Moreton Bay Regional Council has an estimated operating budget of $391 million and a population of 390,000 covering more than 2037 square kilometres.
The council sought a built-in mobile solution to replace its former asset management system, which did not offer native mobile capabilities.
Moreton Bay Regional Council goes mobile in just six weeks
TechnologyOne Asset Management, incorporating Mobile Work Management, met the council’s requirements and was implemented in just six weeks.
Council’s Manager of Financial and Project Services, Keith Pattinson said the migration from the old system to TechnologyOne allowed the council to focus on changing its business processes after the system was established.
Automated customer requests and workflows
TechnologyOne’s Asset Management and Mobile Work Management application has allowed MBRC to automate more than half of the 5,800 customer service requests it received in the last quarter for roads, drains, parks and buildings.  It provides 200 desktop users, team leaders, supervisors and field workers with control of their workflow, with the application to be rolled out to another 120 users over coming months.
“Previously requests were workflowed via administration officers,” Mr Pattinson said.
“Around 200 hours have been saved in three months by automating that process. Council eventually expects to achieve about 75 - 80 per cent automation. 
“Field staff are embracing the application due to its ease of use, transparency and speed.”

Driving improvements to asset data 

The asset management system’s native mobile capability is also improving the quality of asset information in council's database. 
TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said the integrated TechnologyOne mobile solution was ideal for supporting offsite workers and had been developed to help organisations optimise assets and maximise value.
"Over the last three years, we've invested substantially in the Asset Management product, knowing full well that asset intensive organisations can realise significant benefits through more sophisticated asset management,” he said.
“Moreton Bay Regional Council is embracing our enterprise vision and using TechnologyOne Asset Management to transform the way it manages its billions of dollars’ worth of assets.
“The council has established themselves as leaders in local government by utilising the latest mobile technologies to improve productivity.”
Moreton Bay Regional Council also uses TechnologyOne Financials, Supply Chain and Performance Planning.