Hutt City Council goes mobile

With the need to increase the amount of productive time in the field for its trade waste inspectors, New Zealand's Hutt City Council (HCC) turned to TechnologyOne's new mobile offer. 

The Council hoped to reduce paperwork, improve service quality and provide a significant increase in productive time through avoiding the need for double handling of data.

The Council, which services a community of more than 100,000 people, deployed a trial version of the TechnologyOne Mobile solution in under four weeks as part of a phased implementation strategy, with plans to extend mobile capabilities to other business areas.

The Council initially focused on ways to streamline the process for the annual inspection of premises for the trade waste team, which is responsible for inspecting, monitoring and issuing licenses to more than 600 sites each year.

The trade waste team also responds to pollution incidents, investigates overland flow stormwater issues and carries out storm-water inflow audits.

HCC General Manager of Strategic Services, Kim Kelly, said the mobile technology will streamline the team's outputs and speed up the renewals inspection process.

"The TechnologyOne Mobile solution will greatly improve the way the trade waste team operates. Officers will no longer need to be in the Council building to input data on specific sites, log information or flag areas for action," she said.

"The high level of integration between the office and mobile workers will save considerable administration time, meaning Council officers can spend more time doing their jobs and less time sitting behind a desk.

"We envisage that the ability to start and end work in the field, rather than at the office, will lead to ongoing cost savings."

The new mobile offering allows inspection officers to access a full database of sites from a handheld mobile device enabling information and images to be updated quickly and easily. These records are then integrated with the TechnologyOne Property & Rating solution in the office, removing the need for paperwork and onerous data entry.

The TechnologyOne Property & Rating solution covers all aspects of councils' interaction with the community such as building consents, animal inspections, trade waste management and water billing, rates and a raft of other regulatory functions.

Also this solution allows workflow items and inspections to be completed in real time and onsite, reducing the administrative double handling and ensuring data accuracy, security and relevance.

Ms Kelly said the other benefit Hutt City Council had gained from using TechnologyOne Mobile solutions was the improvement in the quality and accuracy of the data.

"We found huge benefits from taking an approach that considers the end to end solution from software to hardware and are delighted with the results so far," she said.

"The Council has already received interest from other business areas within Council that are keen to become involved in our mobile technology journey."

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco, said the highly integrated TechnologyOne Mobile solution was ideal for supporting offsite workers and had been developed to help organisations work smarter.

"The value of a sophisticated mobile solution is measured through its ability to quickly improve processes and productivity, deliver a superior user experience and enable offsite workers to work more efficiently," Mr Di Marco said.

"It is about lightening the load so workers can do what they need to do while also ensuring the data is replicated in the back office system to avoid unnecessary duplications.

"Mobile devices bypass the delays by having the data displayed or collected at the point at which it is needed so the information can be relayed rapidly back to the enterprise systems for fast processing.

"The TechnologyOne Mobile solutions are used by a diverse range of occupations within our customer organisations including all levels of government and utility companies."