Frankston City reaps benefits from integrated TechnologyOne solution

TechnologyOne has provided Frankston City Council with its fully integrated solution for local government, including Financials, Budgeting and Work & Asset Management. 

Frankston City is a fast growing council, situated on the eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay, approximately 40 kilometres south of Melbourne Central Business District (CBD). The municipality covers an area of approximately 131 square kilometres, and its resident population is over 100,000. 

The organisation is reaping the benefits of implementing TechnologyOne’s solution, which has been developed on its new generation technology platform, Connected Intelligence (Ci).  

Mr Olesnicky says that TechnologyOne Financials Ci has delivered the organisation with a number of benefits. 

“Being able to manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger from one workplace has been great for our staff,” he said. 

“It allows them to manage all the requirements from one place without having to waste time logging in and out of different systems.”

Mr Olesnicky said the organisation was also looking forward to reaping the functional benefits of the organisation’s new work and asset management solution in the future.

“The work and asset management solution will give us the ability to report on all of our capital works and fleet maintenance requirements. 

“We currently manage a fleet over 100 vehicles, so the ability to gain all of the information about this fleet, such as how one car compares against another will allow us to improve this program.

“We will gain information such as the full service history of a car and when it needs to be serviced. It will also allow us to set benchmarks, such as fuel performance, so we can make sure that we use the right cars at the right time. 

“We will be able to study the performance of gas versus petrol, reducing our overall costs and helping us to make future purchasing decisions.”

Frankston City Councill will also introduce TechnologyOne’s budgeting solution across the organisation so that there is a consistent approach to budgeting, enquires and forecasting. 

“The key benefit here is that it has the look and feel of Microsoft Excel, which is the solution our staff are most familiar with. This will ensure that it won’t take much to educate people to use the system.”