Councils look to the future with TechnologyOne’s Performance Planning

TechnologyOne Ltd (ASX:TNE) a leading Australian provider of enterprise software solutions, has secured three contracts to provide Adelaide Airport Ltd, Marrickville City Council and The Barossa Council with TechnologyOne’s Performance Planning solution.

TechnologyOne Performance Planning is a web-enabled strategic planning and corporate performance management (CPM) solution. CPM is a set of integrated, iterative management and analytical processes, supported by technology, that address financial as well as operational activities. It enables organisations to define strategic goals/outcomes and then measure and manage performance against them as per the integrated planning requirements.

TechnologyOne’s Performance Planning will significantly improve the ability of Marrickville City Council and The Barossa Council to develop strategic and operational plans. The solution will ensure the councils deliver a consistent level of high quality project and service delivery through ongoing tracking against organisational goals. This accurate and timely activity-based reporting which assigns accountability for achieving agreed scope, budget and timeframe targets, will also allow the councils to align plans and activities with corporate and strategic direction.

Performance Planning’s ability to integrate with TechnologyOne’s other solutions including TechnologyOne Financials, will also offer The Barossa Council improved strategic planning management and the ability to oversee entire operational plans.

Vincent Marsland, Organisational Development Co-ordinator at The Barossa Council said, “We were impressed with the demonstration TechnologyOne provided of Performance Planning. In particular, we were pleased with the way it integrated with TechnologyOne Financials, which we have had in place since 2005. The ability to translate our strategic plan and record our business activities to measure their contribution to our high-level goals will be invaluable.”

Adelaide Airport will use Performance Planning at an operational planning level initially to assist in handling internal risk management. As the airport continues to expand, more of Performance Planning’s functionality will be utilised in order to define strategic goals and outcomes, and then measure and manage performance against them.

Martin Noblet, Business Systems Manager at Adelaide Airport said, “The price and flexibility of TechnologyOne’s Performance Planning was right for us and we found the TechnologyOne team took the time to understand our strategic priorities and corporate vision. We were looking for a solution which would meet our requirements now and into the future, and whilst we don’t have to integrate at this stage, we know that that the solution has the capability to do so when required.”

Mike Preedy, General Manager Property and Local Government, TechnologyOne says these three new customers demonstrate that Performance Planning is meeting the strategic requirements for councils and organisations in today’s competitive business environment.

“There is an increasing need for organisations to lower costs and increase the bottom-line whilst sustaining a competitive advantage. TechnologyOne Performance Planning provides organisations with cumulative performance and financial information to show overall outcome achievement levels, allowing measurement against critical success factors or key performance indicators.

“These three new customers are important wins for TechnologyOne as we continue to grow our Performance Planning customer base. The Barossa Council took the opportunity to move from its incumbent system to Performance Planning which is a testament to the quality of our system and Adelaide Airport is our first Performance Planning customer outside Local Government – which opens doors for us to enter into additional markets, so this is another exciting step forward for TechnologyOne.”