Australian providers offer better value

TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) has today revealed that it is making significant inroads into its competitors’ client bases through a combination of value for money and great customer service.

Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman of TechnologyOne, says that his company is winning customers over the likes of SAP and Oracle because of its ability to provide greater value for IT investment.

“When customers invest in IT, they’re making a huge commitment, and they want to know that the vendor they choose is going to deliver and that are going to receive value from their investment.”

“If the vendor doesn’t deliver, the customer is going to look for someone who does. We’re seeing a backlash against large multinationals like Oracle and SAP, with customers heading towards TechnologyOne because they like the way we work.”

TechnologyOne has recently replaced Oracle at a number of sites throughout Australia, including the University of the Sunshine Coast and the City of Melbourne, while TechnologyOne has also recently replaced SAP at the National Health Medical Research Council and the Department of Climate Change.

Mr Di Marco believes that one of the main reasons organisations are continuing to turn to TechnologyOne is because of the company’s ability to meet the specific needs of the Australian market.

“We’re an Australian-based company, and we have continuous contact with our customers, so we know what they want. This proximity also means that we know when regulatory changes are coming, so we’re ahead of the game when its comes to compliance.”

“While we have offices overseas, our R&D facilities are all based in Australia. We invest heavily in R&D – in excess of $20 million last year alone – and our head office is in Brisbane; all these things mean better products and services for our customers.”

“Look at Oracle and SAP. They are designed for the US, UK and Europe markets. Our products offer similar – or better – functionality, and they often work through resellers here in Australia. We don’t do that.”

Mr Di Marco believes that customers are turning to Australian providers because they know that they will be able to access support quicker and more easily.

“A majority of our customers are large organisations who deal with billions of dollars in revenue and provide important services to Australians every day. If they go with Oracle or SAP and something goes wrong, they’re left waiting for an answer, while we’re right on top of it. International competitors simply cannot deal with their software problems as quickly and effectively as we can when they’re on the other side of the world,” he said.

“When people buy a TechnologyOne software solution, they know that they are going to deal with us at every step of the process, because we develop, market, sell and support all of our own products.”

Mr Di Marco is convinced that being an Australian-based provider is working in TechnologyOne’s favour during the economic crisis, with more organisations’ turning to TechnologyOne to provide enterprise software solutions.

“We’re now being approached by major organisations in Australia because we offer better value for money. Our annual licence fees provide access to six monthly upgrades and we take responsibility for providing customers with great service.”

TechnologyOne’s Evolve strategy offers a clear upgrade path and ensures that customers are never left with technology that is out of date.

“Our investment in R&D is really paying dividends. More than 80 per cent of our customers have already taken advantage of our most recent technological platform, Connected Intelligence, and almost everyone else is committed to moving onto this platform,” said Mr Di Marco.

Mr Di Marco believes that TechnologyOne’s proven ability to successfully migrate customers to a new generation platform places it ahead of its competitors.

“We’re the only ERP vendor in the last 10 years to have successfully migrated customers to a new technology platform. While everyone else is still talking about doing it, we’ve actually gone out and done it. Connected Intelligence is so successful because it’s so easy to use.”

With a familiar internet look and feel, Connected Intelligence is easy to use, even for someone who has never used it before.

“We built this system so that it requires minimal training and can be tailored to suit an individual’s specific role.”

With the economic crisis affecting the budget of many organisations world-wide, Mr Di Marco believes that the backlash against the traditional big names is going to continue.

“We’ve got a strong pipeline for the future and we’re planning to capitalise on that. We’ve got great software and we cater specifically to the needs of the markets we work in.”

“We’re only going to increase our advantages and continue to win business from the competition.”