$688m water pipeline prompts utilities corporation to rethink reporting

The merger of Grampians Water and Wimmera Mallee Water combined with the construction of the $688m water pipeline has prompted GWMWater in Victoria to rebuild its entire planning and reporting framework and become a pilot site for new software.

The water corporation, which services 70,000 customers across an area roughly the size of Tasmania, already used TechnologyOne Financials, Human Resources & Payroll, Property & Rating, and the Corporate Performance Management Suite.

GWMWater agreed to become the pilot site for the TechnologyOne Publisher tool as part of its implementation of the performance planning module to improve the efficiency of monthly and quarterly reporting requirements.  

"GWMWater operates in a highly regulated environment with many and varied reporting requirements to internal and external stakeholders. We saw the TechnologyOne

Publisher tool as a logical extension of the performance planning module and other Business Intelligence tools we were using to streamline the reporting processes," said Sally Marshall, GWMWater Manager, Finance Planning and Pricing.

TechnologyOne Publisher was designed to complete the Australian software company's Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution, which also incorporates Business Intelligence, Enterprise Budgeting and Performance Planning tools.

Using a straightforward process, it allows organisations to build templates for regular reports, extract all the relevant quantitative and qualitative data out of various sources for input, circulate it for checking via email, compile responses and finally publishes it in Word document, pdf, PowerPoint, email, and HTML formats.

Enhancing the existing Performance Planning capabilities to further improve its strategic planning process and action plans, GWMWater now has a complete solution that develops strategic plans and then builds forms to capture comments and other information for approvals before extracting for reporting by TechnologyOne Publisher.

Ms Marshall, said considerable efficiencies were possible with the new software.

"We have been able to redesign the content and presentation of our monthly performance report to Board, aligning it to our business excellence framework, which would not have been able to be achieved efficiently previously. We have also extended its application into the reporting of performance against the strategic directions and the five year Water Plan."

"With TechnologyOne Publisher we are able to gather performance information from across the business and produce a wide range of reports for different users specific to their needs."

"We used to circulate a word document to each division for them to input information and there was a lot of inefficient cutting and pasting," Ms Marshall said.

"In addition to reducing the time spent on monthly Board and Executive reporting, we are also able to template quarterly reports to two different state government departments based on the same information.

"We used Performance Planning to build our 2011/12 Corporate Plan and are working on developing our next five year Water Plan, which is a significant undertaking and will incorporate opportunities created by the new pipeline such as water trading and access to new markets.  With TechnologyOne Publisher, we'll be able to easily report on these plans.

"Once that's done we will systematically work through all our other reporting requirements and obligations and overlay these templates into the software - it is an invaluable tool," she said.

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said TechnologyOne Publisher was another example of the company building software around the way people work.

"It cuts out the manual step and uses systems to do the work they were designed for - reporting in most organisations is incredibly inefficient so we looked at a way of solving this," Mr Di Marco said.

"It was the final piece of our CPM puzzle - our customers can now do all their strategic planning, analysis, management and reporting using tools that automatically extract the right data, present it to each employee and manager in a professional way that is relevant to their role, and prompt them to take action."

Since signing up GWMWater as a pilot site in October 2010, TechnologyOne has also secured sales for its new publisher product with Community Alliance Credit Union, SEQWater, Epworth HealthCare and Tweed Shire Council.