TechnologyOne re-focuses its recruitment strategy to keep ahead of cloud

TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE), the largest Australian owned enterprise software developer, is intensifying its recruitment efforts, working closely with universities and refocusing its skills recruiting to support its transition to the cloud.

Since the beginning of 2012 the $300m company, which employs nearly 900 people, has more than quadrupled its number of business analysts and is hiring more developers with front-end skills like JavaScript.

TechnologyOne's graduate recruitment drive for 2013 has already begun with 300 final year students - compared to around 100 last year - registering their interest, a result the company attributes to its cloud focus.

It expects to triple its graduate intake next year and purposefully staffed its booths at student career fairs with senior cloud-focused managers, to attract the right graduates to be groomed as developers and business analysts when delivering TechnologyOne Cloud to its customers in the near future.

One of TechnologyOne's senior research and development (R&D) managers has also worked closely with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to help it design courses of study that consistently produces graduates with the right skills.

In addition to studying software, business, reasoning and qualitative analysis, graduates from some universities are well prepared for future technological advances and have to tackle real world problems as part of their university course.

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco, said the push to attract talented young developers with front-end skills and re-invest in business analyst expertise would ensure the company's future success.

"For our cloud products to meet our very high expectations, they will have to deliver 100 per cent of the functions our customers want in three clicks or less," Mr Di Marco said.

"TechnologyOne business analysts must be able to work closely with our customers to identify their needs and communicate these clearly to our developers to make sure they deliver the right functions.

"The focus on front end is about ensuring our customers do not have to hunt around to find the features they use the most - it's about making our enterprise software as simple and pleasurable to use as consumer apps."