Feature Articles

Why the world of enterprise
systems has changed
And why ICT groups must fundamentally change

Software as a Service (SaaS), and to a lesser extent cloud infrastructure, are
fundamentally changing the decades-old dynamic between business and ICT groups.

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The Cloud Myths
that just won't die
It's no longer a matter of why but why not?

This article busts the big myths that are currently holding back enterprise cloud adoption.

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Key findings webinar
State of Enterprise Software Report
Register now to hear from IBRS' lead researcher, Dr Joe Sweeney, as he deep dives into his key findings.
Enterprise systems are being replaced What’s driving it and what to expect

Demand for organisations to refresh their enterprise systems has built to bursting point and it’s going to create a wave of new investment.

The pros and cons of Shadow IT in today's business world

Shadow IT sounds like a covert — quite possibly dark — force. And to some people it may well be. But the truth is both far simpler and more complex.

Software as a Service helps reinvent customer experiences but you need to plan for the change

With the emergence of digital channels, consumers now take their best experience in any context and apply it as a benchmark in every context.

Capex vs Opex in an as-a-service world Revisiting your financial approach

With the arrival of cloud computing, mobile apps and other digital innovations, the information technology (IT) systems needed by organisations have changed dramatically.

SaaS vs. On-premise The verdict

A complete guide to comparing the costs and benefits of on-premise Software as a Service (SaaS)

How the as-a-service movement is improving user satisfaction and adoption of enterprise software

A study of senior ANZ executives’ attitudes, expectations and plans for enterprise software has found that satisfaction levels with enterprise solutions remains low, but that adoption of ‘as-a-service’ software is changing this.